Thursday, October 29, 2009

The HC bill is 1,990 pages on purpose

I love reading. I'm sitting here at the Internet absorbing as much news and opinion as I can. I pull out a book nearly every night before I go to bed. The biggest book I've ever read in my life was the Stand by Stephen King, and that book took me over 2 years to finish off. In a good year I read anywhere between 10 and 20 books, and the average length is probably between 200 and 400 pages.

So if I were to pick up a book that was 1,990 pages the chances of me finishing it in a year is not very good. For one thing, there are a lot of good books, and if I get too involved in a book this big I'll be missing out on many other. Especially with the Internet and work related readings and magazines and life in general, it's hard to stay focused on one book.

And usually when I do read it's as fast as I can. There are some things I read to educate myself, but these things I read really slow. So if I read a book like the Stand to memorize and educate myself, it would take me a lot more than a year. That is, unless I did nothing else but read.

That in mind, I can't imagine there is one Senator or Representative who has read or will even be able to understand and comprehend everything that is in a 1,990 page healthcare bill. That size of a bill seems to me to be completely ridiculous and completely counterproductive to capitalism and freedom and democracy and republicanism. How can we have a 1,990 page bill and still maintain a free society?

Even if you have people reading such a bill, which was just made available today, most laws are written so vaguely that they can be interpreted different ways by different people. So it simply baffles me that such a bill would be anything but un-American. And I say that without even getting into the fact this bill will punish people who don't buy health insurance. That's right: if you don't buy health insurance, even if you don't need or want it, you will be punished by the IRS, and even jailed.

So if you have an extra $10,000 that you were going to use to buy a boat with, or some other toys like televisions, mp3 players, video games, or whatever you wanted to buy, you won't be able to do that under this new healthcare bill. You will have to spend it on healthcare you don't want nor need. So much for freedom of choice. You can certainly bet this bill, if passed, will find itself before the U.S. Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Thank God this court is tilted slightly to the right or Americans wouldn't stand a chance despite a Constitution that protects their God given freedom right to make stupid decisions.

I don't know about you guys and gals, but I think a 1,990 page bill is completely bunk. If Congressmen and women want to make a law it should be 3-5 pages of very simple to understand policy that even people like you and I could understand in a few minutes. That's what I think.

So how long will it take Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to read this bill and understand it? Or, is that not the purpose of this bill altogether? To be honest, I dont think the purpose of this bill is to fix healthcare. I think the purpose of this bill is to gain as much control over our lives as possible. And this bill will provide the government an open door into our lives.

Nancy Pelosi says there are over 47 million people without healthcare that this bill will benefit. But if you put this in perspective, out of that 47 million only 12 million of that want to buy health insurance. The rest are young people who would prefer to spend there money on something else, like TVs and cool cars.

So the liberal democrats who are trying to sell this bill are telling us that their goal is to insure the uninsured. The truth is, that isn't their goal whatsoever. If they wanted to insure the uninsured it would cost about $40 billion to do that, and this is money that is left over from the stimulus bill. They could easily insure that 22 million if they wanted.

But that's not the real goal. While Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama continue to tell us their goal of redefining our healthcare system is to benefit the uninsured, the goal is actually to gain more control over our lives. Their goal is to destroy the economy as much as they can. Their goal is to make as many poor people who are dependent on the government as they can. Their goal is to make more people who are dependent on government who will become good little democrats. That's the goal. That's the goal.

That's the reason this bill is 1,990 pages, because they know nobody will every read it. And if anyone ever does, he or she won't understand it. So that's why those selling this bill have to tell us lies in order to cater to our feelings: "Yep, you allow us to pass this bill and we will be helping the poor who can't afford healthcare. All we're going to do is increase taxes on big insurance companies, companies who make healthcare products, and cut the reimbursement rates of rich doctors."

Hmmm, so then what happens. All these increased taxes on companies will trickle down the (ahem) you and me. We will have to pay more when we go to the doctors office. We, in that sense, will see our middle class tax cut that Obama promised we would never get under his administration. It's all in there folks, in this bill.

It's a 1,990 page bill. Man, I know I wouldn't be able to get through it and understand it. That's the goal. They want you to rely on their word. They want us to trust them. But, my fellow readers, since when can we trust the government? I don't.

I love reading. But even if I wanted to, I could never get through this bill without sacrificing the rest of my life for two or three years. How are our leaders going to manage the country if they did that? It's just mind boggling. Yet I imagine they won't have two years to absorb it; more like a month or two.


Khaki Elephant said...

I've been on and off for a while but am glad to come back and read your post again. Great work, as always!

Rick Frea said...

Ditto. With wife, kids, work, life, vacations, friends, kids,kids, kids... tugging at us, the blogging sometimes has to suffer.