Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The stage is set for a conservative revolution

Obama is the president, and he still appears to be maintaining his 54% approval rating. Considering he's the most liberal person ever to live within the walls of the Whitehouse, it's surprising that more people aren't becoming liberal.

Yet, according to the latest Gallup poll, the liberalism coming out of Washington D.C. has actually made America even more Conservative.

According to the latest poll:
  • 40% consider themselves conservative, up from 38% in 2008 (40% in 1998)
  • 36% consider themselves moderate, down from 37% in 2008 (37% in 1998)
  • 20% consider themselves liberal, down from 22% in 2008 (18% in 1998)

This is impressive because it is showing that the excessive and unpopular government programs and proposals coming from the liberal White house and Senate and House in Washington are becoming highly unpopular among the American people and driving the public away from the otherwise popular president.

Latest polls show 54% of Americans are opposed to the current healthcare reform bills on the table in Washington, and many of these are extremely scared one of the bills will be passed and make healthcare worse in this country. You have to realize most people -- like you and me -- don't trust the government as much as the liberals we (well not me) put in office.

That, coupled with stimulus and bailout bills passed by Bush and Obama that did not succeed in stimulating the economy (as predicted by this blogger) and pork filled bills that worked not to make liberal tax and spend policies look successful but show once again that liberalism never works.

A similar thing happened in 1976 when a populace ignored the fact Jimmy Carter was a liberal pent on repeating failed policies of the past (which included weakening our national defense) and voted for change instead.

Like in the case of Carter's victory, many people were so caught in being ga-ga over the potential of having the first black president that they ignored the fact he had associations with known terrorists, socialists, anti-American idealists, and the like. They failed to see Obama for what he was.

And, once again, America g0t to see the results of liberalism (a.k.a. socialism).

This poll might set the stage for a real conservative in the ilk of Ronald Reagan to stage another conservative revolution to take over the republican party and get this country back to where most of us Americans want it.

I'm personally rooting for Newt Gingrich, but I'd be happy with any real conservative who puts America first, considers all people as equal instead of targeting individual races, creeds, religions or groups of people, places his or her principles above politics, is a great public speaker, a great voice, is a motivator, and a true conservative.

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