Friday, November 27, 2009

Climate gate should end global warming scare

Those who believe the global warming scare is a big hoax certainly got a boost this week. A few days ago I wrote, "Global warming is hoax crowd gets an ego boost," where I describe a report that shows global warming temperatures have been stagnant since 2000, and scientists are not unable to come to a consensus that global warming is occurring, nor that we need to be worried about climate change.

That, despite the fact there will be a meeting next week in Copenhagen where the world leaders will discuss what to do about climate change. I, however, think it's odd that our world leaders are so certain that global warming exists and that we have to do something about it, when scientists are still debating the issue.

And now we have climate gate. Here we have some of the world's leading scientists had evidence all along about global cooling, and they refused to report the data. Likewise, according to emails confiscated from the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia University in Britain, some data was even fudged altogether to make it look like climate change was occurring.

The editors of the Washington Post wrote a good editorial about this called: "EDITORIAL: Hiding evidence of global cooling." Emails from the world's top climatologist prove data was falsified that showed global cooling. According to the Washington Post:
"The content of these e-mails raises extremely serious questions that could end the academic careers of many prominent professors. Academics who have purposely hidden data, destroyed information and doctored their results have committed scientific fraud... Scientific progress depends on accurate and complete data. It also relies on replication. The past couple of days have uncovered some shocking revelations about the baloney practices that pass as sound science about climate change. Most important, however, these revelations of fudged science should have a cooling effect on global-warming hysteria and the panicked policies that are being pushed forward to address the unproven theory."

For the past several years data was fudged to make it look like man was causing global warming. We know why they did it. Because if man believes in global warming, governmental leaders like Barack Obama can use this as an excuse to pass their liberal/socialistic agenda of regulating and gaining more control over big businesses. It's an excuse to attack capitalism. It's an excuse to destroy the economy of the United States to make it more on par with other countries. And now we have to wonder if the global warming is a hoax crowd were right all along. We'll still remain open minded here at Freadomnation, but it's looking kinda fishy now.

The most horrifying thing about this new information, climate gate, is the fact that I did not hear about it on the Today show this morning. I did not hear about it on the CBS evening news with Katie Couric. I watched them both. I had to wait until 7:30 in the evening when I clicked on the Drudge Report to learn about this. I had to hear it from the media that many on the left want to destroy by the return of the Freedom of Information Act. Thank God they didn't succeed, because the truth can no longer be hidden by the liberal media.

Then I heard about it on Fox News. I heard about it on Fox after I had watched CNN most of the rest of the day with no word about it. I heard about it on Fox News and on the Internet.

Whether or not a new Kyoto protocol is approved in Copenhagen, Obama is still talking about a cap and trade program in the United States that would give Obama, or whomever the President is, the power to regulate any business that generates too much CO2. That's a heck of a lot of power to give one person based on a "hoax." If it is a hoax. So much like the healthcare reform package Obama and Congress are trying to force upon us before the liberal Congress gets voted out in 2010, there will be a mad dash to get this new cap and trade and some new Kyoto protocol passed before word of "climate gate" gets out.

One theory has it that there is no such thing as global warming. That climate temperatures increase and decrease in cycles. And, based on the current cooling trend, we are right on track with historical trends despite the nay sayers. Why is it then that we have science? Isn't science supposed to be facts? Aren't scientist supposed to be non biased? If the facts say the earth cools and warms in a cyclical pattern, and that there is not such thing as climate change, then why don't they report the facts as they come in?

It's scary? It's scary because of what world leaders are using this global warming scare tactic to do. They are telling us that we are destroying the planet, and if we don't do something the planet will not be her for our children to enjoy. It's looking more and more like these scare tactics are nothing more than that -- scare tactics.

If you think about it, the earth has been here for billions of years. Seventy thousand years ago a volcano erupted, resulting in global temperatures cooling by 25 degrees. This nearly wiped out the human race. Scientists think the race was down from a million in Africa and Asia to only 10,000. The planet has survived massive meteor crashes. It has survived much worse than what is happening right now.

Likewise, the planet has witness the destruction of our public school system as it has been taken over by the left. We have seen the destruction of the media as it has been taken over by the left. Now we have the schools and the media inculcating the minds of our children that scientific theories are fact, when all along they have been just theories. And now it turns out that the theories may have been based on false information.

It's scary to learn that we cannot even trust science anymore. It's scary to see science being used for political purposes. It's bad enough that teachers and journalists and politicians lie, but when science is a big sham, one has to wonder if the world can survive this. We will though. In the world of information, there is not way that even the most powerful people in the world can keep the smartest people in the world in the dark.

One thing for certain, every time a scientist asks for money from the government we must always be skeptical. We must be wary to accept every new theory that comes around. We must not make drastic measures based on theories that may not even end up being based on sound facts in the end. This is scary, but the way it is in the world we live in.

Yet this is nothing new. As this country was formed our founding fathers warned us that we must never allow government to get too powerful. We must and always should remain skeptics of anything the government tells us. That was the original intent of the old media. Now it's the intent of the Internet and the new media. When we fail to be skeptics, we fail to be free.

The question of the day is: do we still need to save the planet? Based on what we've learned today, that question must come under some major scrutiny, starting with Barack Obama in the White House. Perhaps it's time Obama rethink his cap and trade policies meant to "save the planet." If Obama is truly not an anti-capitalist, perhaps he ought to call for an investigation while he's in Copenhagen, if he even goes.

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Khaki Elephant said...

I don't see the scare tactics ending any time soon. For one thing, there is far too much money at stake. Al Gore has become rich and fat . . . richer and fatter playing the global warming card while universities and environmental groups have experience and increase in funding through donations and government grants.

Second, people love to be scared. If it's not global warming it's bird flu, mad cow or H1N1.