Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama rose to power by sheer luck

How did a person so radical as Obama rise to power so fast. You have to consider he doesn't have much executive experience, and he wasn't even a Senator for very long. So how the heck did he rise to the most powerful seat in the world.

According to National Review "Trouble with Obama" by Noemie Emery (October 5, 2009), Obama was made it through all the leves to the office of the President by pure luck of the draw.
  • He ran for the state legislature of Illinois and won because the incumbant decided to retire
  • He ran for the U.S. Senate and his two opponents were involved in a scandal
  • He ran for President just at the perfect time when most of America was upset with the status quo and ready for a change just for the sake of change and probably would have voted for anyone other than a republican. Yet still John McCain had managed to regain the lead mainly due to people realizing that Obama had ties with bad people. Plus Sarah Palin gave McCain a boost. Yet, just as it looked as though McCain might win, the economy collapsed just weeks before the election. It's the economy stupid. Amid an economic scare people always vote for the opposite party, and hence Obama was elected. He got lucky.

You see, Obama got lucky. Now that he's screwing up the country his popularity is shooting south faster than a falling safe in a stalling economy. However, if conservatives are elected in the midterm election to take over Congress, they might bail out the economy just in time for Obama to get the credit. And if republicans nominate a moderate again, Obama might get lucky once more in 2012.

We'll have to wait and see though. If his healthcare reform bill gets passed he might lose in the greatest landslide in the history of this country.

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