Friday, November 13, 2009

Some liberals live in a bubble

The trouble with Obama is he's lived in a bubble his entire life. According to the Weekly Standard, "The Trouble with Obama" (By Noemie Emery, October 5, 2009), "Obama has spent his entire adult life confined in the bubble of deep blue America -- a place that makes up less than one-fifth of the country -- in blue states, in blue cities, in blue states of mind."

He sees what blue America wants for America, but he fails to see the vision of all of America. He fails to understand what America is all about.

Emery writes:

"His city neighborhoods are the back yards of elite universities; he worked in the ghetto; and he rose in the urban ethnic machine of Chicago: the perfect trifecta of liberal politics, where people's looks, speech, and dress may seem to be varied, but the voting and thinking go only one way. It is a real world, but a small one, and in a real sense misleading; one that sees suburbs and small towns as strange, foreign countries; where centrists are rare, and the right nonexistent; where Bill Ayers really is just a guy from the neighborhood, and where no one and no party disputes that the state is the answer, that 'social justice' demands redistribution, that less wealthy whites cling to God and to guns out of 'bitterness,' and that racist white cops always act 'stupidly' when they are forced to have dealings with blacks.

Obama knows people who make laws, and people who teach law, and people who depend upon help from the government, but few people who make things, or run things, or work in the market economy; in other words, he doesn't know his own country, and has no sense where its center of gravity lies. He seems surprised at the resistance to his agenda: Who knew there were so many millions who are staggered by deficits, who don't see the point of identity politics, and want the state largely out of their lives? Not he, and he still doesn't seem to believe it, viewing the fringe (the far left) as the majority, and the center-right that is the core of the country as a demented fringe element that can be dismissed, condescended to, or shoved off to one side. A man of the world, but not of his country, he is just sensing the depth of his own lack of knowledge. He doesn't seem eager to learn."

Sorry for the large quote, but Emery hits it right on the head. This is not just Emery but many people I've dealt with who were born and raised in the Detroit area, or have at least spent the majority of their adult lives there.

They work for unions. They see people who only have jobs during the summer months and live off the unemployment check the remainder of the year. They only see and hear from people who are from the left, and therefore don't see the real working capitalistic America.

You could say this is the same for people on the right too. Where I live is pretty conservative. Yet conservatives don't expect any more for themselves than they expect for anyone else. Where I want an opportunity to succeed, I want that same opportunity for my fellow Americans.
Liberals like Obama don't see it that way. They want to take away from those who work hard to succeed and give it to the people who who don't succeed. In this sense, those in the rest of the country see blue America as wanting to punish those who succeed to support those who are stuck on the government dole.

Yet Obama doesn't see it that way. People like my liberal friends from Detroit only see blue. They see more than just the blue sky. And this is why Obama sees it okay to make radical changes to our government. He believes it is okay to risk everything, including bankrupting the country, if only he can make America more like socialist Europe.

Feel free to disagree.

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