Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Has Obama made America more racist?

Obama was supposed to unite America, not divide us. As the first black President (second if you count Bill Clinton) he was the President who was supposed to clean America of any racist ties that still exist. Yet that seems to be the exact opposite of what has happened since he was elected.

It seems that every time someone opposes one of Obama's policies calls of racism are shouted by Democrats. Rush Limbaugh predicted before the election that racism will become even more evident once Obama gets elected as every time someone disagrees with Obama they will be called racist by democrats.

Limbaugh appears to have predicted correctly. Jimmy Carter announced that conservatives are only opposing his health care reform package because Obama is black. The truth is most people who oppose the health care plan are doing so on grounds that they think it is a bad idea. It will make America more socialist, which is counter to what America is all about. It will also eliminate our ability to choose, and therefore it is anti-capitalistic.

Remember Joe Wilson? He's the U.S. Representative who called the President a "Liar" while he was speaking before the full House and Senate. How the heck can people associate Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar with racism? Sure he could have been more tactful and appropriate, but racism? Come on!

For some people racism always seems to be the motivation. But, unlike liberals in Washington, Conservatives like Joe Wilson have long stood in support of a color blind society, while liberal pundits continue to bring up race. Maurine Dowd wrote a whole article about how Paul Wilson's motivation for calling Obama a "Liar" was racism. How she would know this I have no clue.

However, it iss not Wilson or Limbaugh nor Joe Conservative who keeps bringing up the idea of race: it's always some liberal democrat who says she wishes to eliminate racism from society. Yet blaming opposition to everything Obama stands for on racism seems counterproductive from eliminating racism from society.

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