Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unconstitutional bill may end up before court

Well, the Obama Health Care Package has passed the House, and now is headed for the Senate. Hopefully it will be stopped in it's tracks there or some of our God given freedoms will be taken away.

As a matter of fact, this bill is the worse one to be passed by the House in modern times. Basically it's the government saying that it knows what's best for you. It's the government saying that you have to buy health insurance, and you have to buy a plan that they approve or you will be fined or go to jail.

I believe this is the first time in American history that the government has attempted to pass a law that forces Americans to buy something. It is unconstitutional.

If it is signed by Obama this bill can be taken to the court. Yet it can only be taken to the high court if someone fails to pay insurance and is sentenced, I think.

At this time it may be taken before a court. Yet in this time there will be Americans who have had their freedoms taken away, their ability to choose, and it may effect the pocket books of many Americans and make the economy even worse -- perhaps cause a depression.

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