Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Healthcare bill looks stalled in Senate -- Yippy!

It looks like democrats -- according to this post --have hit a brick wall with their version of a health reform bill, as Joseph Lieberman has vowed he will not support a bill that has a public option or anything that resembles a public option, which would include the plan to expand medicare.

Then, just as all 60 democrats convene with the President in a meeting to try to get something done, Roland Burris -- who so happens to be Obama's replacement in the Senate -- comes forward and states he will not support any version of healthcare reform that does not have the public option.

Now, considering democrats took over the House, Senate and the office of the President in the 1008 election cycle, I caution to become overly excited about this. Yet, if this bill fails, it will be a major success for the American people, as one of the main purposes of this bill is not to solve the healthcare crisis, but to spread the seeds of socialism in the U.S.

It is true there needs to be reform of the healthcare system, but there is a better way of doing it than what this bill proposes. And sure there are a few good things in this bill, but the overwhelming majority of it is pure crap.

And besides, considering a majority of Americans are scared to death of a 2,000 plus page bill that few have read and even fewer understand, it's time to take is slow and get a good bill -- preferably a bipartisan one -- on the desk of the President of the U.S.

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