Monday, December 14, 2009

Tired of the political bull crap from Washington

Do you want Obama to succeed at whatever he does regardless if what he does is against the will of the people, and regardless if what he is proposing to do will end the United States as we currently have it. Now I understand this might be exactly what Obama wants -- to end the U.S. as we currently have it -- although that is not the goal of most Americans.

So when you have people out there who oppose this bill, such as the American people and republicans in the House and Senate, they definitely ARE out to stop this bill just so that Obama has a failure behind his resume. And the only reason they want to stop Obama on this is not because they are against healthcare reform or improving the economy, it's because they want the U.S. to continue to be the greatest country in the world.

And, if Obama gets his way with cap and trade and his version of healthcare reform, the United States will be changes. It's economy will tank, and countries like China will be able to take a front seat. Maybe even a country like Copenhagen will be able to tell us what to do on global warming, and the democrats will have a lot more poor people who are needy, on the government dole, and forced to vote democrat because the democrats are the party of hope.

Sorry folks, but if Obama is going to have a program that I think is anti-American, I cannot sit idly by and watch it happen. Well, actually I will considering I'm a humble RT, but I will continue to vote for the party that he is not.

I wrote all along that I suspected Obama hated America and would do whatever possible to destroy it in the guise that he was going to do something good. "Well, we need healthcare reform," he says, "We have the worst healthcare system in the world." Is it? Is it really. Where are the people lining up in the streets? Where are all the sick and wounded and dying and chronically ill protesters who aren't receiving medical care? Where are they?

"Wel, we want to make sure 41 million people who are uninsured get the healthcare they deserve." Well, you want to provide healthcare to 41 million people, when only 24 million will admit to wanting healthcare. And you want to destroy healthcare for the other 250 million who do have healthcare at the expense of fixing it for the few who don't. Is that fair? Is that what this country is all about? Punishing those who have at the expense of those who have not, especially when the have nots have NEVER been turned down by any medical institution.

I can't believe this is going in in America. I can't believe liberal democrats and republicans are complaining about republicans wanting to stop this bull crap when that's exactly what it is -- bull crap. It's bull crap in the guise of a gift to America.

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