Friday, December 18, 2009

Liberals may not buy into public-option-less Obamacare. But, then again...

So there are some liberals -- 31 house republicans and Howard Dean to name a few -- that have said they cannot support a health care reform bill without a public option in it.

Of course, from their viewpoint, what would be the point of health care reform if there was a provision that all Americans must buy health insurance and there was no public option.

Hence, having to buy health insurance to be an American, those without health insurance would have no choice but to buy into one of the current private plans.

And that basically means more money going to the private sector, which liberals hate. They hate it because they hate capitalism, and want that money going to the federal government, which knows better how to spend it.

Encouraging citizens to invest more money in the private sector is the antithesis of liberalism. Of course we must keep in mind here that liberalism is actually American Socialism, or anticapitalism.

But, then again, many other liberals believe that if they can get this unconstitutional bill signed by the president, they can eventually add everything they took out of the bill to get it passed later.

As we all know, the socialists among us have been working overtime since the turn of the past century to slowly socialize America. Baby steps is their motto. If this bill passes, it will be a big step in the left direction.

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