Saturday, December 19, 2009

Obamacare will drive up costs, and lead to a slippery slope to universal healthcare

Another interesting thing to note about Obamacare is that it will in no way address the most important issue regarding healthcare, and that is costs. In fact, Obamacare will increase costs to all of us.

Now, how could this be? You might be asking. It will increase the cost because everyone will have to buy into a health insurance program, even those who are sick. If you are diagnosed with cancer yesterday and have two years to live, you cannot be denied.

Actually , if you think about it, health insurance companies are taking the risk that you will stay healthy. They are gambling on your health. If you are already sick, you are not a risk, you are sick.

Think of it this way. Say you own a boat insurance company. You insure boats. Now say Wilson Smith calls you and said, "Sir, my boat is on fire. I need to get boat insurance. Would you insure Wilson Smith's boat?"

Well, if the government told you you had to, you would have no choice, even though you are not insuring the risk, you are providing boat repair service for free.

In the free market world, this is what you would call a bad business decision.

So, if the government mandate you insure someone who is already sick, even if that someone never had health insurance through you before, you are basically being forced to take on a bad debt.

Likewise, to make up for the loss, that company will have to do one or two things: 1) go bankrupt, or 2) raise the cost of healthcare to everyone else.

This is going to cause chaos, which is basically what liberals want. And when private health insurance gets too high for basic lay persons to afford, there will be a public outcry for a public option.

And that's why I think most liberals in the House and Senate will eventually decide to vote for Obamacare. They want universal healthcare, and this is the first step to destroying a capitalistic healthcare on the road to creating a socialistic one.

Sure this is unconstitutional, but liberals don't care about the Constitution anyway.

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