Monday, December 21, 2009

Over 60% of Americans are Conservative

According to Battleground Poll Results, as described in this article in the American Thinker, conducted from 2002 to 2009, about 60% of Americans Consider themselves as conservative. This is great news for conservatives, because it disproves a variety of theories:
  1. That to win elections republicans have to cater to the moderates. In the most recent poll, only 1% of Americans considered themselves as moderate.
  2. That liberalism is growing. Only 34% of respondents noted they were liberals
  3. That Conservatism is dying. In 2009, 64% of Americans noted they were conservative or moderately conservative. Likewise

This polling, which a bipartisan effort between republicans and democrats and has proven in the past to be very accurate, proves what people like Rush Limbaugh have been saying for years: that the way to win elections is to run as conservatives.

The reason so many people think liberalism is more popular is because, as Bruce Walker notes in his article, "The Battleground Poll and the Battle for America,":

"The worse victims of invidious bigotry in America today are conservatives. Only a tiny percentage of professors are conservative. The same is true for government supported media like NPR, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and National Endowment for the Arts. Libraries are dominated by the minority left. How different would America be if fifty or sixty percent of teachers, librarians, professors, public media producers, and staff in government supported organizations were conservative!

"That ought to be the goal of conservatives. Winning elections is fine, but how much more vital is it for us to recover at least an equal voice in colleges, media, schools, libraries, and entertainment? What is wrong with us, the overwhelming majority of Americans, demanding not to be consigned to a ghetto or treated by Jim Crow standards? We begin by pointing out the obvious: conservatives are the majority of Americans but almost invisible in our public and private institutions of education, information, entertainment, and study.

"Then demand that those who want our tax dollars, our commercial business, our donations -- anything, really, from us -- treat us fairly, portray us honestly, and invite us into the halls of influence. It is a modest demand, really. But it is very important. It is a cultural "game change," and that, more than anything, is what we need."

This is big -- really BIG! This also explains why radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, and TV news channels that allow conservatives a voice, like Fox News, are running away in the ratings race.

It also explains why republican candidates -- I wrote about this before -- like Bob Dole and John McCain, who ran as moderate republicans, lost their respective elections to liberal democrats. When you have two liberal candidates to choose from, you might as well vote democrat.

This also explains why people like Obama and other leftists run away from labels like conservative, and why those on the left like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin cling to labels like conservative.

Rush Limbaugh describes the liberal media, schools, libraries and public broadcasting as the four corners of deceit, because they try to make people think that liberalism is popular. Well, we now know that liberalism is not popular, and that explains the downward trend in the popularity of the liberal media.

Likewise, as Rush says, "This is a teachable moment. Every Republican candidate for every office ought never, ever be afraid of espousing conservative principles and learning to articulate them. It is who the country is by a vast majority."


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That is encouraging! I hope it finds results in the 2010 election.

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