Saturday, January 30, 2010

President Obama is a liar, or really stupid

My son sat down with me and I so happened to be watching a program on MSNBC where the topic was Obama's speech to Republican representatives. On the screen was a clip from the question and answer session that followed.

"When you were running for President," the rep said, "you said you were going to be open. You said you were going to be transparent. You said you were going to have the health care debate on C-SPAN. You also said you weren't going to sign onto any pork. You signed the stimulus package that was filled with earmarks. Now that you're president, you failed on both of these promises. Do you plan on changing?

The president said, "Yes, you are right we failed on the transparency part. That is not all my fault, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are in charge of the House and Senate. However, as far as pork is concerned, we never signed onto any earmarks."

This is where I let slip: "You LIE!"

My son looked at me awkwardly. "Well," I said, "you heard right, Jordan. Even the president of the United States lies from time to time. Lord knows he's signed on to so many earmarks you'll be paying for them when you're my age. The good news is, with all the facts on the table, a President rarely gets away with it."

To view some of the earmarks (also referred to as pork), click here. Earmarks are things that are added to a bill to get politicians to sign onto it, and usually these "earmarks" are things that only benefit one region.

However, as you can see by observing the post linked to above, most of the "pork" are to pay for needless projects. It's your money, and my money, wasted.

Either Obama lied, or he's oblivious to sound economics. His idea of of stimulus is the antithesis of sound economics. Man, I hate saying this about a President. I hate it.

Yet, it's a sad truth. It's a sad truth.

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