Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's the reson for low poll numbers in Washington

Obama's approval ratings are now 47% in favor, and 47% not in favor. Likewise, Congress has a 68% disapproval rating. Many democrats have noted this is because Obama hasn't been able to get anything passed. Yet, I think these democrats are wrong.

Senator Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have approval numbers that are barely in the positive.

The reason for these low approval ratings not because he can't get anything passed through his democratic controlled house and senate, but because of what they are trying to get passed. People in this country (60% of whom note they are conservative) do not want the country to become more liberal.

I think I'm being completely fair in noting that most of what Obama and the Senate and the House have tried to get passed in Obama's first year in office have been things to fulfill the liberal agenda.

People in this country are satisfied with the healthcare they have, and do not want the President to mess with it. They have shown overwhelmingly, with Massachusetts as an example, that they do not want a 2,000 page health care bill, and they do not support any form of socialized health care.

They also do not like the spending. They do not like that Obama and dems are spending our children's futures on projects they claim will rejuvenate our stalled economy. Yet, with all due respect, history has proven time and again that what the dems are doing is the exact opposite that should be done to spur an economy.

Yet, Obama's numbers trending down, and the loss of key democratic positions in Virginia and now Massachusetts, Obama notes in his State of the Union speech that he will not back down. He said, "I will not quit."

To me, those are the words of an arrogant man who will do anything to get his liberal agenda across. Yet it also helps to prove what I have claimed all along: Obama doesn't want America's economy to get better.

That's right. He believes that the more people are in poverty, the more people who don't have jobs, the more people who are unemployed, the more people who are on the government dole, the more people will vote democrat.

I say this because most people who vote democrat are the people who are dependent on government, and NEED the democrats to continue these programs that take from the rich and give to the poor in an un-American and un-capitalistic jest to beef up the economy.

I'm sorry, but most people do not buy that this works, and most people do not want America's economy to get worse, and therefore they are turning against him and his Congress and his Senate.

Not only that, but he snubbed the Supreme Court in his State of the Union Address. The Court made a ruling that parts of McCain/Feingold is unconstitutional, and Obama basically said in his speech that he didn't care. That he was going to continue trying to get what he wants regardless.

This is complete disrespect for the balance of powers, and the checks and balance system instilled into our great Constitution. In this respect, Obama is also snubbing the Constitution.

Likewise, he pretty much said the same of republican senators and reps. He said he doesn't care
what they want. He will continue to go about his agenda regardless of the will of the people. This explains why he keeps claiming that it's republicans that are holding up his agenda. This is not true. In fact, it's a flat out lie. Democrats control both houses, and they don't need (or didn't need) any republican support to pass their bills. The people are smart, see this, and are now snubbing Obama.

George Bush's numbers were low too, and the reason is because as his poll numbers started to tank, he catered to the left, and started trying to pass liberal programs because he suspected that's what the people want. He figured if he gave us things, that his approval numbers would go up.

Actually, the exact opposite happened. The exact opposite happened because the American people wanted him to be more conservative, not more liberal.

Obama didn't learn from Bush. Obama's advisors are leading him astray. And, if he doesn't get a clue soon, his approval numbers will continue to tank, as will the American economy, military, and whatever else he chooses to drag down with him.

Yet, while most political experts note Obama must become more Conservative as Clinton did following the 1992 and 1994 republican victoiries, Obama noted in his State of the Union that he is will not. He will fight on regardless of what Americans want.

He wants his controversial agenda to be passed even at the risk of losing the House and Senate in the fall.

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