Thursday, February 25, 2010

Body Mass Index

Another thing that's stupid is body mass index. Here you are in good shape, and, according to the government's BMI, you are obese. I'm obese. According to the BMI, in order for me to be in good, healthy shape I'd have to weight 160.

You know, I did the body for life a few years ago, and I got all the way down from 215 to 170. Yet, I was still obese. And I kept trying to lose more weight, and I failed. And I was upset.

And you have people like Michelle Obama saying her kids are fat and she didnt' even know it because she read about the government created BPI. And you know what? Michelle Obama's kids are good looking kids, and they are not even close to fat.

And, as I wrote a few days ago, Michelle Obama launched this initiative to make all kids exercise more.

Yet, at the same time, none of this has anything to do with kids losing weight. Losing weight, staying in shape, staying healthy, starts in the home with good values.

Study after study shows that when parent's exercise, when parents eat right, kids eat right. And vice versal.

Yet there is also this God given right to eat unhealthy. And there is a God given right to be fat. There is a God given right to do stupid things.

So, the government might some day say you have to maintain a certain healthy weight to get the best, cheapest healthcare. So, how do you define healthy weight. If it's BMI, then very few of us will qualify.

Because some of us -- many of us -- Americans like to have fun. We like to gorge. We like to party. We like to drink on occasion. We like to smoke (well I don't, but some do). And we like to enjoy life.

We need to be careful, but we shouldn't HAVE to.

And we also dont' want to live up to BMI standards.

Oh, and one more thing, who was it who created the mess of overweight kids in the first place? It was progressives? They were concerned kids were not eating enough, so they decided to give them free food. Now kids are way overweight, and the progressives have an answer for that too.

So, Michelle Obama can raise her kids however she wants, and so can I. And, therefore, I believe the government should not tell me how to raise my kids.

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