Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doing it your way is not bipartisan

The President asked republicans in Congress to get together with him and have a meeting at the White House on February 25 to talk about Health Care. He wants them to come together so they can have a Bipartisan Bill.

Of course you and I know that when a sitting President comes out and says he wants more bipartisanship, that what he really means is give in and do it my way. That's what it means.

It's kind of like my wife emailing me recently and telling me she thinks we need to be on the same page when it comes to discliplining our kids. She's upset that I let the kids eat in the living room. Yes, I let the kids eat in the livingroom. Not liquid stuff, but stuff like dry cereal and popcorn.

So she gets upset about this. I don't see a problem with letting my kids eat popcorn in the living room. So, she sends me this long email about how we need to be on the same page. Yet I know what "being on the same page" means. It means me doing it her way. And when I decide to disagree with her, because I see no problem with eating popcorn in the living room, she calls me "ugly."

That was just a typical man -vs woman disagreement. Although the same thing rings true in politics. When liberals write a bill, and conservatives had no say in the bill, and liberals need conservative support for the bill to pass, liberals call those conservatives (republicans) and say we need bipartisan support.

Yet, why would republicans want to support a bill that was written by liberals and is against every grain of principles conservatives stand for. It's unconstitutional. It's too risky. It's a bad idea. So why would republicans want to jump in and support this bill? Why?

It's almost unreasonable for Obama to ask for bipartisanship, especially when he knows it's his bill. There wasn't one republican verse in this bill. There was not one republican idea that was put in this bill. Dems say this was because repubs offered no ideas, but you and I know that's not true Repubs offered the idea of allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, and tort reform. Yet dems don't view those as change, or as reform.

So now Obama wants bipartisanship. He wants repubs to perhaps negotiate to get some of their ideas in this 2,000 page unconstitutional bill that will balloon the size of government.

I say, be the party of NO. Do not support this bill. Oh, definitely go to the White House, but make it clear to the President that the only way there will be "Bipartisanship" is if it's real bipartisanship. A Bill should be written from scratch, with ideas from both sides of the table. Kinda like how the Constitution was created. The great compromise.

But I don't' think there needs to be a sense of urgency here. Despite what some dems claim, that doing something is better than doing nothing. The truth is, sometimes, doing nothing is better than doing something stupid.

Sometimes, it's okay to be the party of no, especially when yes means the destruction of democracy, and the destruction of our natural, God given freedoms.

No! Doing it your way is not biprtisanship at all, it's doing it your way.

I think Rush has it right when he says Obama wants a picture he can present to the media that says, "See, It's the republicans who are obstructing this. I tried, and they didn't want to compromise."

However, the real obstructors are the democrats themselves, because they had complete control of Washington, and repubs were completely irrelevent, and they still couldn't get it passed.

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