Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why mess with our kid's diet?

I thought this was interesting. Michelle Obama announced that Obesity a threat to our national security. She said that kids need to get up and start moving, and launched a national campaign.

She notes she bases this as a threat to security because the #1 disqualifier from the military is obesity. That's good to know, because now I'm going to start pumping my son up with food so there's no way possible he could get sent to a war zone.

Plus health care to treat these kids ranges up to $147 billion. The fed doesn't want to flip this bill, so they are going to encourage us to make our kids exercise more, and eat better, so they don't have to pay it.

I'm tired of this initiative to get our kids to eat better. One of the best parts of being a kid was drinking a pop and having a pizza or hotdog or hamberger during school lunch. And then having a little debi.

Hell, now I go to watch my son play ball, want to get a pop, and all they have in there is water and gateraide. How boring.

I'm not advocating unhealthy eating, I'm just advocating a little common sense. Let's encourage our kids to do the right thing, teach them there are consequences for their actions, as opposed to forcing them to live boring healthy lives all the time.

You have to remember it was these same progressives who brought us prohibition becasue they believed alcohol was the root of all crimes. And they you know what that brought us.

The food pyramid. What a joke? I can't even understand that thing. When I was a kid they preached 4-4-3-2, and told us this is how we should eat, and then by the time I was in college they changed the whole damn thing.

So why don't we just teach our kids how to eat right, balance a protein and a carb with each meal, 2-3 hours a part, and add in an occasional sweet. That's right, I think we ouight to quit teaching our kids they HAVE to eat three meals, and HAVE to eat three bananas, and have to eat this and that and 2 of that and one of that and... it's so confusing.

Why not make it simple for kids. With each meal have a low fat carb, a protein, and you are allowed to eat anything you want, but in moderation. There, that's common sense.

WATER? What kid wants to pay $1.20 for a bottle of water? What a joke!

In the UK a program like this was started, where kids were encouraged to exercise during recess, in gym, and at home. They did it. Yet, at home, they continued to eat the way they always did.

So, what we learned from the UK is that it doesn't matter how much exercise we get in school, because values come from home. Kids live the way their parents do, and if you want kids to lose weight, you need to improve home values.

Yes values is the antethesis of liberalism-progressivism.

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