Friday, February 19, 2010

Repubs should be proud to be party of NO!

I'm sitting here listening to Wolf Blitzer interview Al Sharpton. Al is complaining because republicans are championing people should vote for republilcans in 2010 because they say "NO! to everything democrats propose. "When, in fact, they are opposed to anything progressive," Al said.

The reason, Al, that Republicans even have to vote no is because the policies of the Obama administration , and of Congress -- such as health care and targetted tax hikes -- are unconstitutional.

Republicans are simply defending the constitution, which is something you should be doing to. They are defending constitutional principles that are meant to protect individual freedom.

Progressive democrats, on the other hand, view the Constitution as obsolete, and they think government should changem with the changing times.

The republicans believe they have to STANT UP for the Constitution and prevent further degradation of the Federal Government that would take away MORE of the God Given Freedoms We Are Born With.

I understand progressive democrats like Al Sharpton don't view it that way. Al is a good guy. I really like Al. However, his progressive, anti-constitution views are too much for me and America to handle. I don't want to change the fabric of America, and he does.

The truth is, republicans should be proud to be the party of no, especially when yes would mean changing the fabric of what America is.

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Anonymous said...

when you see the constitution as a living breathing document that changes with the times then that is where you end up. Right where Al is.