Monday, February 7, 2011

Creating a New World Order: Part VI

Once again the people have caught on to the shenanigans of progressives. You can see this by the T-Party movement, by dropping Obama ratings, and by the latest Gallup poll which shows the the republican party might win 100 seats in the House, and have their biggest gains since 1895.

People -- God fearing capitalists -- know that redistribution of wealth does not work. That america will fail if we keep up this course.

Yet Obama will continue on trying to get his New World Order. He will continue to appologize for the U.S. He will continue to create programs and get them passed through Congress.

So now Hillary Clinton has proposed sending $50 billion to help Africans by purchasing environmentally friendly stoves with money we had to borrow. More debt. More instability.

so once we default on these loans, the value of the dollar will further drop. We will have to print more money to pay off the debt, and the value of the dollar with drop even more.

Of course you will also see that in Keynesian economics one of the recommendations to increase the economy is to increase the money supply -- which will increase inflation. They know this will happen. Yet they say that stagflation that occured in the 1970s was not anticipated.

They knew it. It was part of the plan. Progressives are closer than ever to their NWO. Congressmen are now able -- see 17th Amendment -- to make laws that are unconstitutional. The 10th amendment allows for states to decide on anything now mentioned in the Constitution.

Yet Congress, or the Judiciary, has ruled on Abortion, health care, education, etc. None of those things are mentioned in the Constitution, so the Fed has no right to rule on them. Yet progressives ignore that fact.

So, once the economy collapses, we will have two choices:
  1. cut back on defense
  2. default on our loans
Both will decrease the might of the U.S. And both would require the U.N. to step in and take over. This would mean the U.N. would be responsible for defending the world, and you'd have a lot of good talk (see pre-Iraq War), and little action to benefit the world (see Ruwanda).
We would have to follow U.N. laws, which would mean our Constitution would be trumped. Thus, we would have the New World Order.
The Constitution would be irrelevent. Progressives will be able to perfect the world. They will decrease our choices, force us to make right choices for our own good, perfect society and -- POOF -- the war on capitalism (GOD) would be over.
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