Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Obama stupid, or is he brilliant???

Something that has been bothering me lately, and many Americans for that matter, is why Obama would take the economic path he has chosen for America, when doing what he is doing has been proven over and over again not to work.

You have Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush all entering the office of the President, all of then lowered taxes, cut back on federal regulation, and watched as their respective economies skyrocket ted.

All presidents who did the opposite watched over lumbering, staggering or falling economies. Warren G. Harding's progressive policies created a progressive tax system that ultimately lead to a 73% tax margin, and the economy sputtered. Harding and Coolidge saved the day, and the result was the roaring 20s.

John F. Kennedy came into office in 1960 and received a sputtering economy, and he cut taxes. The result was profits to the government nearly doubled. The same thing happened to Coolidge, Reagan, Kennedy and Bush.

In fact, during all these recoveries the middle class got closer and closer to the upper class and the rich. Those under poverty made more and more money. Jobs grew at record levels.

So, given all this success, all this evidence, why then would Barack Obama intentionally do the opposite? Think for a minute. Why would this be?

The answer is idealism. Obama and those who follow him, like Oprah Winfrey, are progressivists who have an ideal view of the world. They think that sacrifices made today will result in a perfect world in the future. And, therefore, he has taken up this opportunity, while the cards are down, to convince people that taxing, spending, and bailing out banks will save the economy. Yet, that is not his goal at all. While he tells us what he thinks we want to hear, his intention is altogether separate from anything Americans would ever want.

You see, Obama is a progressive. His goal is to create an ideal world. He believes that all this prosperity created by traditional American values, by a booming economy, is the antithesis to his goal of perfection.

One thing that progressives do not know, cannot conceive of, is that perfection is not possible. There never will be world peace because there will always be evil people. There never will be a world where there are no poor because some people don't have the values it takes to succeed. That's just the way it is. I'm not being insensitive, that's just a fact.

Yet, conservatism, the antithesis of liberal progressive policies, create a world that is as close to that ideal world that progressives yearn for. Yet they hate that some people make more than others. That's not fair. In there world, so long as there is any degree of inequality, there will never be an ideal world -- euphoria.

And, therefore, they intend to ignore the principles of this nation, tax, spend, redistribute wealth, create more unemployment benefits we cannot afford. regulate businesses, create cap and trade policies, and these sorts of programs at the expense of real progress, and with the goal of euphoria.

So, while thinkers like you and me might be thinking: is Obama stupid. The truth is, he has a goal, a purpose, for going against what has worked in the past. Because, what we think works, he sees -- they see -- as going in the wrong direction.

Obama's goal is to create a New World Order where there is no crime, where there is no global warming, where all animals live in peace with man, and where there are no values to hold people back from doing things they want.

No. Obama is not stupid if you know what his true intentions are. He is brilliant.

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