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Progressivism (part 2)

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Woodrow Wilson became the first progressive president. He convinced Congress, and Americans, that a progressive income tax would be okay to pay for government programs. Besides, he noted, the tax would only be 1%.

So, he convinced the people, and Congress, to support the passage of the 16th ammendment. Yet, in true fashion of progressives, soon after the ammendment was passed, the taxes on the upper class was 73%. Then, by 1920, the United States was mired in a depression with an unemployment rate of near 14%.

Warren G. Harding Became President, he cut taxes, and the economy soared. Harding passed away, Calvin Coolidge became president, and he created an environment where the unemployment rate dipped from 14% to 1.5 %. This is the lowest the unemployment has ever been in peacetime.

Progressives hated this. They belived that people were getting rich at the expense of the poor. so, in 1926, they elected progressive Herbert Hoover. Herbert increased the scope of government, and raised taxes and regulations on businesses. This lead to a stock market crash in 1929, and a major recession.

You see, the progressives saw how conditions could improve for everybody under "evil capitalism." The middle class was catching up on the upper class. Yet progressives still saw a gap between the rich and the poor. There were, in fact, a few Americans (1.5%) who were still poor. That could not be.

Under capitalism, progressive's believe, the goal of equality for all is not possible. So, they waited for an opportunity to create change -- gradually.

The progressives saw the stock market crash of 1929 as an opportunity to dive right in. They did. Yet, they wouldn't let Woodrow Wilson be dragged down with the progressive movement. In fact, they didn't blame the progressive movement at all for the drag down on the economy. They blamed republicans. After all, Hoover was a republican.

And ever since they have worked hard to convince people that the Roaring 20s were bad. Progressives don't want you and I to know how well people had it in the 1920. They lied and told us, and are now teaching our children, that the crash of 1929 occurred not because of progressivism itself, but because there weren't enough regulations, not enough taxes and not enough equality.

Like progressives of today, they saw big banks failing, and decided they were to big to fail, so the fed bailed them out. They saw the unemployed as needing help, and a program was created to provide unemployment benefits for them. Programs were created to feed the poor, to provide health products for the sick, needy and elderly, to fund the retirements of the elderly.

Yet, the progressives had these programs passed by telling people what they wanted to hear. FDR told us the social security program would be self reliant, and would make it so that no American would ever have to worry about retiremente. Yet, when the program came to be, the money alloted for it was used for other programs, and now the program is paid for by the working class, and is soon to be underfunded because the baby boomers will out number the working class as of 2020.

Yet, progressivism is all about baby steps. Once they get a program passed by convincing the people it's for our better good, like Healthcare, they change it so that we, as Americans, have less and less freedom, and are forced to provide more and more to pay for these programs, that cost more and more.

But that doesn't matter, becasue the goal of progressivism is to plant seeds that grow, and flourish. FDR got off pretty good, although Americans like Joseph McCarthy tried to warn America that his administration was full of socialists. Yes, McCarthy was ridiculed to his grave. Yet, as we learned in 1991 when the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union fell, and the Vinona Accords were released proving there were not only 50 socialists in the FDR and Truman admins, but over 300.

And the economy did not improve with FDRs programs as he said they would, instead the recession and the depression dragged on and on for over a decade. Yet this was all in the name of "progress."

Slowly seeds were planted. In the 1960s Johnson started the "War on Poverty," which aimed at taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor via federal programs. Yet, while there are more poor today than there when this program was started, our children are taught the "War on Poverty" was a success, and is still needed.

In the 1970s republican Richard Nixon signed into law the welfare program, which has since trapped millions of Americans on the government dole. Jimmy Carter sacrificed his popularity and any chances of a second term by spreading the populist movement.

Oh, and I almost forgot how the progressive movement made legal abortion by ignoring the Constitution altogether. Yes, they did it by convincing Supreme Court Justices to ignore the Constitution, ignore the balance of powers, over-ride the legislature, and make abortion legal by creating a victory for Rowe-v-Wade.

Yes, the seeds they were planted. A broken and nearly bankrupt medicare program cannot be fixed because to fix it would mean to risk getting re-elected. The social security program failures were brought to the attention to the public by George W. Bush, but the people did not want to risk losing something as valueable as their social security -- even though it may not exist for future generations, and is barely enough for the elderly of today to survive, and provides false hope for those still working.

That doesn't matter, becasue progressivism is all about making sacrifices for the better good. That's why you always say progressives saying things like, "We all need to pay our fair share." That's why they think it is "fair" to tax the wealthy, even though taxing the wealthy results in fewer jobs, and increased unemployment, and a faltering economy, and less money to the government.

Yet, ironically, the progressives tell us taxes make more money for the federal government, because that's what we want to hear. They lie in this way. They lie because they know what happened in the 1920s, 1960s, 1980s, and 2000s. They lie for the "better good" of society.

Yet the upper class grew too much during these periods of economic prosperity, and the progressives hated that. They believed that every added dollor the rich make is one less dollar available for the poor man. That the rich gain at the expense of the poor. However, through economics 101, we learned this is not true. That there is plenty of money for everyone to be rich, so long as the government doesn't get in the way.

George W. Bush was conservative, and a defender of the Constitution when it served his own good, yet when his popularity started to tank, he supported a populist (liberal) prescription drug program. Yes, he gave the people what he thought they wanted for the general good so his popularity would improve. But his popularity did not improve.

Ah, yes, even George W. Bush couldn't resist the constant urging of the progressives. He was convinced that for the better of the country, through his "compassionate conservatism", some government programs were needed for the betterment of the whole. And, therefore, he never vetoes one spending bill. Yes, tax and spend policies are to progressivism as apple pie is to Americanism.

He sank himself further into the progressive movement by agreeing with democrats in Congress that some banks were too big to fail. He bailed them out with taxpayer money.

John McCain is a progressive too. He disapproved of the Bush tax cuts, but worse of all, he was a champion for the McCain/Feingold bill that would make it so that some companies and individuals could not make campaign contributions, or pay for campaign adds, during certain periods of the election cycle.

Yet, since this goes against the Constitution, goes against the 10th ammendment which states that anything not mentioned in this here Constitution is not up to the federal government but the states to decide, they ignored the Constitution. George Bush signs this unconstitutional bill.

Thankfully the Supreme Court of 2010 ruled in favor of the Constitution in this case, and this was a minor set back for the progressive movement. Yet, no matter, as Obama still plans on trying to get his 2,000 page healthcare bill passed into law, a bill that ignores the Constitution because, as the 10th amendment states, Congress cannot make a law regarding anything not mentioned in the Constitution. Well, abortion isn't mentioned in the Constitution either, yet it is still legal.

Now Obama blames the current recession all on Bush, yet even if you give Bush credit for the first three years of the Obama administration, and according to Obama's own budget estimations, Obama's national debt is still twice what Bush's was.

Obama continued Bush's attempt to bail out failing banks, instead of letting them fail and allowing new and innovative and better run businesses to take over. By telling us it was an economic stimulus package, Obama created trillions of dollars in new government programs that, as people like you and I know, are the antethesis of good economic policies.

You and I knew all along raising taxes during a recession, spending more money, and creating more government programs stalls economies even more. Progressivism prolonged the Great Depression. It delayed the recession of the Nixon and Carter years. And, as we are again seeing today, it is delaying the present recession, all in the name of, "we promise it will work."

That's what Obama did with his original economic stimulus package. Remember, he said if this passed the unemployment rate would never get above 8%. Then, when it passed, the unemployment rate increased to 10%.

Now, because that "stimulus packaage," or "port package" as it should be called, failed. And conservatives say it failed because it was all pork projects. All it did was create more government jobs that are mostly temporary, and therefore any boom created would only be temporary. Yet, according to the progressives, these conservatives are lying. They say, "We need more time."

Now Obama wants to pass a second stimulus package, and to make it look good, he is calling it a jobs bill. What it really is is more pork, more wasteful government programs that will trap more people in poverty and further delay the recession. Yet, if you say that, you are a liar. If you state the facts, you are a liar.

They claim that when conservatives cut taxes, that this takes away funding for programs such as education and other programs that would benifit the masses. Yet, the truth is, tax cuts generally result in an increase in funds to the government. They don't want you to know that though, because they generally support higher taxes. In this way, they lie.

If you see the truth, and teach the truth like Rush Limbaugh does when he says, "I hope he fails," and later, "I'm glad he failed. American is better off having him failed. Although, he didn't fail completely. He got some of his progressive programs passed." As Glenn Beck would say, "He planted seeds." Yet, Rush and Beck are anti-capitalist according to the progressives. They are evil capitalilsts.

Now, you might love your doctor. You might love healthcare the way it is today. You might love choosing your own doctor. Yet, that may all come to an end if progressives get their way. They know what's better for you, believe it or not.

There going to tell you it's for your own good. They are going to make healthcare look good. And, while they may not get it in one lump 2,000 page bill, they will keep trying to pass it in small baby steps. Progressives take baby steps. The goal, though, in the end, is to have yet another program to tinker with. And, once they get a small part past, they change it from what they originally told you, and they make it more progressive. That's what progressivism does.

And, anyone who tried to tell you that progressivism is socialism, they tell you you are a liar. They make you look like the bad guy. They tell kids in school you are trying to take away their God given right to healthcare, even though you were not born with the right to health. If you were, nobody would ever get sick or die.

If you go against their goals, if you stand in the way, they will create wild accusations against you to convince poeple you are a fraud, or you are an "evil conservative." That you are a liar. When, the truth be known, they are the liars. They are the one's pent on destroying America. Yet, they do so surruptitiously. They don't want people to know they are progressives.

They rewrite history. They change the history books. They don't want you to know the truth about Joseph McCarthy, nor the truth about what happened in to cause the roaring 20s, or the booming 1980s. They rewrite history, and paint conservatives as dumb, mean and evil. They don't like people like you and me, like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, telling the truth. They paint us as stupid, as liars, as ignorant, as preaching hate.

Conservatives say, "If you love your doctor, you better not support Obama's healthcare plan." They say, "Crazy Conservatives. All they are trying to do is scare you." That's what progressives do. That's what communists do. That's what Stalin did. That's what Castro did. That's what Hugo Chavez does. And, yet, those leaders didn't have the Constitution to conttend with. Progressives like McCain and Obama, they idnore or try to change the Constitution

Again, it's not just democrats and liberals, it's republicans like George Bush and McCain too. People who want to get re-elected, to become popular, more than they want Americans to prosper. Some, however, are more progressive than others. Obama is far worse than McCain, who is far worse than Bush ever was.

Hmmmm, scary hey.

Yes, the same things that caused the stock market crash of 1929 are occuring today. The Federal government, instead of getting out of the way, is getting in the way. Yes, most politicians have good intentions, yet often good intentions impede the better good, instead of generating good.

Yes, the seeds have been planted. We have been tricked for over 100 years by the progressive movement, which is insiduously ingrained in our nation, in our minds, and in the minds of our children. We have been tricked, and are slowly losing our Constitutional freedoms as a result.

The founding fathers are restless in their graves as they see what is happening. Yet, it's up to good folks like you and me to undo the damage created by the progressives, both of the republican, independent, and democratic variety.

So, while tax cuts for the wealthy caused the roaring 20s, progressives don't want us to know about that. That type of progress goes against the ultimate goal of the progressive movement -- euphoria.

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