Friday, February 12, 2010

Progressivism (part 3)

So, how to we put a halt to the flourishing progressive movement? How to we restore core American values? How do we restore respect for the Constitution as it was written by the founding fathers? How do we kill the movement that has been growing, lurking insiduously, for over 100 years?

The answer is through the Conservative movement. The answer is for normal U.S. citezens like you and I to stand up and take action. And that's exactly what happened with the advent of the tea party movement.

The tea party movement is not a part of republican, democrat, conservative or democrat. It's a movement of grassroots America, of citizens like you and me who are fed up with the growing beast that is the federal government. People fed up with our leaders spending money like there is no tomorrow, bailing out failed businesses, raising taxes, and not respecting traditional American values and the Constitution that made us so great.

This movement will try to take over the republican party, yet if that is not possible, I believe it could easily create it's own party -- the tea party party. However, Lord knows it's better to strenthen one of the existing parties than to start from scratch.

So, to end the progressive movement, or to halt it considering some of the seeds they have planted have become golden rails that are impossible to fix, or get rid of all together. Once poeple get a taste of the golden apple, they don't want to give it back, no matter how bad it is for them.

The only way to slow down the movement is for leaders to take over Washington who are accountable for their actions, respect the Constitution, believe in the economic policies that were proven to work in the past, and are socially responsible.

What these leaders need to do is not necessarily get rid of taxes, for some taxes are needed to pay for roads, to help those who really need it, and pay for schools (although, according to the Constitution, even school funding should be left to the states).

We must continue to educate. We must teach our children how wonderful America is. We must teach an accurate American history so our children know how much hardships were created by a government that is too powerful, or a king with too much power. That while we are born with freedoms, a government that is too powerful can take those freedoms away.

We must teach what greatness can come from personal accountability and hard work. We must teach people to read, to analyze and to think.

We must teach that freedom is not free. It does not come easy. That we must sacrifice in order to keep our freedom. We must fight. We must remeber the past, and we must not repeat the failures of the past. And we must always remember those who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom.

Our leaders need to teach personal responsibility and accountability. They need to support and champion sound economic policies to create an economic environment that encourages innovation, that encourages people to invent things that improve American posterity.

Like Coolidge did in the roaring 20s when the automobile, film and telephone markets boomed, and this trickled down from those who invented and created to thos who worked for those who invented and created.

We must stop creating irresponsible programs like that created by Washington where people who could not afford homes could get loans that they otherwise would not recieve. Sure this sounds like a noble idea -- to provide housing for the poor, but it sets up a false boom, a bubble, that is doomed to burst when the bills people cannot afford to pay pile up.

Most important, this new party, the anti-progressive movement, tea party movement, or conservative movement, whatever you want to call it, must not be afraid to say no. We must not be afraid to say no to progressive tax and spend policies. We must not be afraid to vote no on 2,000 page bills that go against every grain of the U.S. Constitution.

We must have leaders that appoint legal counsels and judges that will make rulings based on the laws that exist, and not on laws of other nations, or ideal laws they want to exist. Our supreme court justices must hold and support the constitution, followed by state laws, and local laws, and personal rights.

The Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Johnson progressive policies were supported by the media that was itself progressive, and school teachers who were also progressive. Yet, thanks to the new media, and the Internet, average every day opinions like yours and mine are free to disagree with the media, and to show through facts that the progressive movement does exist, and that it is bad for America. It is bad in every way. It is very much so Unconstitutional. It is, as I've written before, even pro New World Order.

What is bringing about the end of Progressivism is the Internet and the new media. These outlets are making people aware of the "swarmy politicians." And it's for this reason progressives, like Obama, say things like, "We need to boycott Fox News." It's because they don't want you and me to know the truth about what they are up to.

Thankfully, we aren't listening. By learning about the facts, we are becoming aware of what these swarmy politicians are up to. And it's for this reason Congress gets a 30% approval rating, if that. It's why Obama's ratinga are going down. It's why Bush's approval ratings were in the 40s when he left office. It's because the people of America are catching on to the "swarmy politicians."

People in Washington are no longer getting away with it.

Thanks Internet, thanks New Media, for making us smart.

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