Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day a communist plot???

The Conservative Teacher had a great post today which basically spells out reasons why he's convinced that Earth day is basically a communist plot. You can click on over to his post and read it for yourself. I'm not telling you how to think (that's what progressives try to do), although I am proposing to you to read the side of earth day you will not learn in school, and decide for yourself what you think.

Basically, he proposes the following:

  1. Is it a coincidence Earth Day falls on on Lenin's birthday?
  2. The group, Friends of Earth, that started Earth day also promotes socialism
  3. The original Earth Day symbol is a "circle with a broken cross," which is a symbol meaning the rejection of Christianity. Of course communists want you to worship the earth or state and not some false, man made God.

Of course he goes into more detail that I do in this post. So please click on over to the conservative teacher's blog and read on.

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A Conservative Teacher said...

Thanks for the mention- I hope your readers do check out my original post because I hopefully make a compelling argument that Earth Day is just one big communist plot.