Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona immigration law fair?

If you're an illegal alien in Arizona you better watch out, because if you are pulled over for speeding, or if you break the law, or you look suspicious, you are going to be found out and sent back to your own country.

It didn't have to be this way. If the Federal government did it's job and enforced the laws on hand, Arizona wouldn't have had to make this law. When Obama called it "uncalled for" and "irrational," he is basically saying Arizona doesn't have the sovereign right to make it's own laws, of which the 10th amendment allows it to.

The state of Arizona has to spend millions, if not billions, of dollars educating, feeding, providing health care, etc. to the thousands of people that are in that state illegally. Those people do not provide much to the tax roll, and therefore should not be receiving such benefits.

The funny thing is, 70% of the people of Arizona wanted this law, including most Mexican born people who are here legally. They came over here by legal means, why should all these illegal immigrants have the same privelidges as they do? How American is that?

On the flipside, I certainly wouldn't want someone pulling me over just to see my driverse license. Half the time I don't even have it on me. So if that's what the result of this law is, then I'm against it.

Yet, pull me over for something else, and you have every right to make sure I'm not a felon, or an illegal alien. That's fair.

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