Saturday, June 12, 2010

Media fallacies clarified

The media often spins the truth to make it look one way, while the truth shall have it another

Truth to be aware of:

1. Media fallacy: The tea partiers are not anti-government. Truth: The tea partiers are anti-progressive/liberal/ socialist. They are opposed to anyone who is a progressive, from Obama to McCain, so it doesn't matter what party.

2. Media fallacy: Voters are angry at incumbents. Truth: Voters are angry at progressives regardless of party who believe the government has the answer to all the problems society faces.

3. Media fallacy: You have to move to the center to win elections. Truth: Liberals have to pretend to be conservative to win elections. Bill Clinton did this, and so did John McCain.

4. Media fallacy: Tax increases make more money for government. Truth: Taxes make more money for the government up to a certain point, at which time economic growth is stymied. Perfect examples can be obtained by observing the FDR tax increases prolonged the Great Depression, and Bill Clinton tax increases caused 2000 recession. Hence, tax increases cause fewer tax payers.

5. Media fallacy: Tax cuts cause the fed to earn less money. Truth: Tax cuts generate more money for the government, as you can see by studying the economic booms following Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and George W. Bush tax cuts. In each of these eras money to the government increased despite tax cuts. Hence, tax cuts create more tax payers.

6. Media fallacy: Global warming is a fact. Truth: Global warming is a theory.

7. Media fallacy: Regulations result in more honest and safer industry. Truth: Regulations cause smaller industries to stop hiring, and many will close up shop, ultimately leaving only a few large companies to rule the market. With less competition, these few companies hire lobbyists to influence politicians to not make laws that would cause competition to increase, or create more regulations. Thus, the market rules Washington more so than the other way around.

8. Media fallacy: Minimum wages are good for low income workers. Truth: Raising the minimum wage causes industries to hire fewer workers and results in a rising unemployment rate.

9. Media fallacy: Unemployment benefits benefits the unemployed. Truth: Unemployment benefits cause some would be workers to become complacent and actually drives up the unemployment rate.

10. Media fallacy: Taxing the rich and creating government programs will help the poor. Truth: Redistributing wealth actually causes those receiving government checks to become dependent on government, and decreases their incentive to try to improve their lots in life.

11. Media fallacy: Jews of Israel are guilty until proven guilty. Truth: The Jews have won every war instigated against them by Islamic nations and earned the land they live on.

12. Media fallacy: The Jews stole Palestinian land and call it Israel. Truth: Muslims living in Israel left on their own accord because they thought the Islam nations that declared war on Israel would win. Years after Israel won, these Muslims started calling themselves Palestinians refugees to gain sympathy and, thus, sympathy money. The media to this day refuses to this day to acknowledge Israel had won, and still do. While any other nation in the world is allowed to keep what it gains in battle, Israel is the exception because it's run by the Jews.

13. Media fallacy: World peace is possible and therefore it is essential the U.S. lead the way by cutting back on it's nuclear stash Truth: There have always been and always will be bad people in the world, and the U.S. must maintain the greatest military in the world to defend freedom in America and around the world.

14 Media fallacy: If the U.S. creates enough social programs world poverty can be ended. Truth: The only times in U.S. history that people of all social classes improved their lots in life were during economic booms created by capitalistic means. The two greatest examples are the booms following the Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan tax cuts.

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