Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Nationalism

Teddy Roosevelt believed in New Nationalism. Basically, in his own words, you might think of it as socialism, as he noted, "Th New Nationalism rightly maintains that every man holds his property subject to the general right of the community to regulate its use to whatever degree the public welfare may require it."

Now do you think this is the kind of stuff they teach in schools. This sounds down right scary. Can you believe progressive presidents actually walked around saying things like this? I believe Barack Obama and many liberals today believe in the same type of New Nationalism as Roosevelt did, although they wouldn't dare say so out loud, hence Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would be all over their tails.

Actually, as Jonah Goldberg wrote in Libaral Fascism, "This sort of rhetoric conjured fears among classical liberals (again increasingly called conservatives) that Teddy would ride roughshod over American liberties."

It's scary to note this type of thing still occurs to this day. It kind of gives progressive Presidents the same power totolitarian rulers have. Actually, this is the kind of power FDR had, and how he ended up being president for four terms.

Actually, this is the very reason an amendment to the Constitution was added to make sure no more president could be President for more than 2 terms. A person in power too long gains totoliltarian powers, and abuses it, as we can see by the likes of FDR and his attempt to change the Supreme Court, and his concentration camps for American Japanese citizens, and his forcing Americans to turn in their gold, and rationing.

All of these are Unconstitutional, yet the totolitarian FDR didn't care so long as he thought he was doing it for the general good fo the state.

I think Obama believes in the same principles, as he has made attempts to delegate to big banks, and businesses as to how much money their CEOs can make, and in his attempts at making regulations that tell businesses that are "too big to fail" what they can and cannot do.

It's, as I've noted before, socialism and fascism in disguise.

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