Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Democrat is the party of big business

Most big business owners, and Wall Street moguls do not support republicans, which goes contrary to what some might think. Instead they support democrats.

The why is rather interesting. It has to do with competition. Progressives are all for state control of businesses. Progressives talk a lot about how they hate big business, yet at the same time they are statists, in that they believe the state should have control of business.

Businessmen thrive in a capitalistic system. Or, at least, capitalism provides an environment for which they can thrive. Yet, once a company becomes large enough, it wants to do whatever possible to reduce risk, and capitalism is all about risk. The best way to reduce risk is to eliminate, or at least limit, competition.

So, by creating regulations on industries and corporations, the small businesses that are barely hanging on will be driven out of business, while the large corporations will be able to pay the new regulations and taxes and stay in business.

Thus, more regulations actually benefits corporations because they will have less competition. The progressives benefit because with less competition, they find it's easier to control given markets. And since they have less competition, they have more money to pay Washington Lobbyists, and therefore have a greater impact on politicians.

Actually, history has proven that as the state obtains more control over a particular business, regulations go up. Yet, as regulations have gone up the number of lobbyists has gone up as well. The large corporations need lobbyists to petition government to keep the regulations so as to prevent competition.

This actually has resulted in corporatism in America, which the government drives out small corporations so that the larger ones will thrive, and in return the government has control of the corporations. In this way, the government drives the market.

In this way, the progressives have used big business to obtain their personal agenda of gaining state control of business. In a way, this was the whole goal of Obamacare: to gain control of health insurance companies. It's easier to control a few large companies as compared to many small ones.

This is actually the hidden history from the "big stick" Teddy Roosevelt used to break up monopolies in the early 19th century all the way to Obamacare. This is how big business becomes "to big to fail." If they fail, smaller companies will creep in to fill the void, meaning progressives lose control of that market.

The irony of this is that you'll hear often liberals saying that republicans are the party of big business and that they don't care about the little people, while the truth is the opposite holds closer to the truth.

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