Wednesday, June 2, 2010

U.N. bias against Israel shows once again

Once again UN bias toward Israel is obvious. According to most nations of the U.N., Israel is guilty until proven innocent, and it's never given a trial. Israel is guilty doing what other nations have a right to do: defend itself.

The latest incidence is a flotilla of 6 Turkish ships moving in to the Gaza. The ships captains said the ships were on a peacekeeping mission and were to supply aid to people inside the Gaza. However, Turkey and other Muslim nations have a history of lying, and smuggling weapons into Israel to use to kill Israeli citizens.

In fact, for some reason Sharon decided to give in to the Palestinians and give them the Gaza strip that Israel won fair and square in a war years ago that the Palestine ans started. Most nations when they win a war get to keep land they win, but not Israel.

So Sharon gave the Palestinians the Gaza strip. Hamas, an organization that was organized with the Charter that mentions the destruction of Israel, is in control of the Gaza strip now. They someone managed to get missiles to the Gaza, and sent over 1,000 of these into Israel. This was an act of war, and that is why the blockade was created -- to prevent Hamas from getting any more missiles.

Thus, Israel has a policy that they will inspect all ships heading into the Gaza. This is actually good common sense. If Iranian ships were headed into Florida, or Britain, I'm certain those ships would be put under similar scrutiny.

The flotilla was warned on several occasions that they needed to undergo inspections if they wanted to enter the Gaza strip.

This is the same procedure that has been ongoing for years, and without a hitch. Five of the ships were boarded and inspected, and were cleared to be on their way to the Gaza.

Then the sixth ship was offered the same opportunity to dock. If needed Israel would even unload all the goodwill offerings from the "peaceful" ship and deliver it to the needy in the Gaza strip. Egypt offered the same. Yet for some reason the 6th ship refused this offering.

Now it has come out that the mission of the ship was to "go through the blockade or die trying." Does that sound like a peacekeeping mission?

So Israeli soldiers boarded, and Israeli soldiers were welcomed with sticks and metal pipes. This is even shown on a video. Israeli's had no choice but to defend themselves. Citizens on board the ships were killed.

Despite the video, the U.N. showed there bias and blamed Israel. This is exactly what Hamas expected to happen. Actually, the U.N. appears to be blinded to what is really going on here: the Muslim world set up a trap for Israel hoping this would happen, and Israel would be blamed. As usual, U.N. members, such as France and Spain, bought the set up as well. Yet that is to be expected.

The same thing happened in January of 2009 (which I wrote about here) where Israel was accused of attacking Hamas, when Israel simply responded to Hamas attacks.

I'm a Christian yet I have downright empathy for the mighty yet small Israel. It must be stated that Israel is mighty not because it is Jewish, but because it embraces democracy and capitalism, two things the "radical" Muslims hate.

It should also be noted here that most individuals are good people like you and I, yet a few spoilers so happen to run these countries, and tend to rule by totalitarian means. They do not like the Jews for whatever reason, yet the U.N. and much of the world seems to "always" side with the instigators.

When will the world come to its senses and let Israel be. If radical Muslim nations would leave Israel alone, Israel would not need to defend itself. Yet because of a history of "hatred of Jews" among Muslim nations like Turkey and pretty much all the other Muslim nations in the Middle East, that small yet mighty nation has no choice but to play the role of defender.

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