Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Most Americans are Conservative: Stats show

Recent statistics explain why republicans should do well the next few elections, or at least conservative republicans.

Our first group of stats come from "The Corner" on National Review, "Values the Key to the Independent Vote":

1. 89% believe the government needs to go on a diet
2. 89% believe the government needs to cut spending
3. 89% believe the government needs to cut the federal debt
4. 89% believe the government needs to cut government services
5. 89% believe the government needs to return more control to citizens
6. 69% believe cutting spending is the biggest priority
7. 44% believe cutting taxes is the biggest priority
8. 49% believe the democratic leadership has not addressed the problems we face
9. 50% plus do not want any more stimulus packages
10. 50% plus want citizens to control decision making, not the government
11. 83% oppose Obamacare
12. 48% believe healthcare reform is a priority
13. 23% believe a mosque should be build on ground zero

Peter Roff of, "Another Poll Shows Independent Voters Lining Up With Republicans," notes the following:

14. 70% of independents believe the U.S. is on the wrong track
15. 59% say they rarely feel the federal government does what they would like it to
16. 52% of independents see GOPs closer to their views than democrats

More statistics:

17. 22% is the amount Obama increased the federal deficit in his first 2 years in office

18. $3.7 trillion debt is in 2011 is more than accumulated debt for the first 255 years of U.S. history, as noted by the Wall Street Journal.

19. This poll shows 65% of Americans would vote to replace entire Congress, most of which is progressive in nature.

This is a true indicator of why liberals have to pretend they are conservative (i.e. Bill Clinton) to win elections, and why Obama is declining in the polls. It's also a good indicator of why true conservatives are quit to say, "I am a conservative."

It's also a good indicator of why GWB dropped in the polls too while he was president.

Most of America is center right. Most of America is Conservative.

Of course another poll shows that 60 of Americans are conservative, as I wrote here.

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