Monday, November 1, 2010

Progressivism versus the Tea Partiers

It's interesting to note that both the Tea Partiers and Progressives both believe there is a problem in the United States and that it is unsustainable. The difference between the two is in how to solve problems.

Tea partiers believe in a free market system. Progressives believe in redistribution of wealth. Tea partiers believe in the same government of the people that the founding fathers envisioned.

Progressives believe in global governance run by elites.

So you can see that progressives have an agenda that is the antithesis of what the founders envisioned for America. They have a vision of changing what America is all about, regardless of what the Constitutions says.

Progressives are not evil by any means. They have a Constitutional right to have any opinion they want. They are simply wrong.

Allow me to sum it down, and tell you that progressivism, liberalism and socialism are the same as tax and spend. It should be duly noted that tax and spend policies have been tried many times in world history.

Many times a nation has decided to right the wrongs of society by taxing those who have and providing for those who have not. And it has failed every time it has been tried. Liberalism has never succeeded.

Yet people keep trying liberalism. It's a perfect example how people in this world have a short memory span. How one generation does not learn the lessons of the forefathers.

We can even look to recent history at examples of where liberalism has failed and conservatism/ capitalism has succeeded. Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush all supported capitalism, and all three watched as America went through a booming economy. The best was that of the Roaring 20s, where unemployment was the lowest ever.

Now we can look at Herbert Hoover, FDR, Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Obama as perfect examples of liberal tax and spend policies that lead to poor economies.

Yet ever since the late 1920s progressivism has taken up steam, and taxes and the percent of Americans on the government dole has gone up and up and up and up and now it's to the point where the backs of those paying for it are about to break.

With more than 51% of the nation on the government dole, and fewer than 50% paying taxes, and with the top 15% of wage earners paying 85% of the taxes, it's easy to see that the direction this nation is headed is unsustainable.

Hence, the tea-party. All the Tea Party is about is returning America back to it's simple origin, where if you want to succeed in life you work hard. The governments role is to protect and defend us against all evils, and create an environment where we can all prosper.

Then, if we want to succeed, we must get off the couch and reach for the stars. Those who don't get off the couch are the ones who starve. If you get hungry enough, you'll eventually get off the couch.

That is what America is all about. And that is the difference between the tea party vision for America and the progressives. As Rich Lowrey of National Review notes, we've had Enough!

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