Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poppycock study finds liberal gene

Did you read this? Researchers claim they have found the liberal gene. Researchers have found that "ideology is affected not just by social factors, but also by a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4. That and how many friends you had during high school.

It only makes sense that socializing during adolescence will result in more liberal behavior, because those who are busy "socializing" are not reading books. And there are things you can learn from books -- like facts -- that you cannot learn from socializing.

Socializing, while good, also doesn't challenge you intellectually. Well, socializing can challenge you intellectually, yet most of the time it's small talk and gossiping.

The researchers concluded that political affiliation is not just associated with "social environment and social interactions."

I think this study is a bunch of poppy cock. It's basically liberal scientists trying to make sense of the fact that 60% of this country is Conservative, and this is true even while 80% of Hollywood actors, teachers and journalists (those teaching our kids and us) are liberal.

The whole purpose of this study is to try to find a reason why conservatives still exist, and what we can do to shut them up. This is necessary, because the U.S. Constitution stands in the way of much of the liberal agenda.

This study is also a means (in my humble opinion at least) for liberals to feel good about themselves in a time when the country seems to be rejecting liberal philosophy more and more in recent years. It helps them to feel good when they are otherwise set for a major set back.

Or, better yet, a way to help explain to Conservatives that Obama's radical and socialistic associations of the past had nothing to do with how liberal he is today.

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