Monday, October 4, 2010

The conundrum of iritated liberals

Why is it that democrats get upset every time someone in the room comes out and says something conservative? Why is that? Or is it just me who's made this observation.

I say this because I'm around liberals all the time, and I keep my mouth shut all the time, and when they say something that's liberal, I just keep my mouth shut, and walk with my head high, knowing I'm not a liberal and I'm a conservative.

Yet when I do mention something conservative, like say I mention that liberalism is the same as socialism, you have liberals in the room being all pissy the rest of the night and refusing to talk to you.

You know, I've made this observation many times. It's like, to liberals it's okay if you're a liberal. If you are you're my best friend. Yet if you admit to being a conservative, you are my sworn enemy. I will debate you and hate you.

No, wait! They won't debate you. They only attack you. They have to attack you because they have no facts to debate you with. So they hate you and attack you. They attack you or they're all moody.

Either that or they tell you to quit discussing politics. Either that or they get up and walk out.

Why is that? It's because you presented an argument that the liberal has no answer to.

It's not all liberals, because I do know some who are like me and who can take things in stride. Yet many liberals I know get so offended at any mention of conservatism.

And I do know some conservatives who are this way too, yet conservatives aren't so defensive as liberals -- as a rule of thumb. A good example of this is you see liberals protesting in Washington all the time, yet it took a 40 year attack on Washington to get conservatives to stand up via the Tea Party Conventions.

Recently my liberal RT coworker sat down next to the Unit Secretary and he joined in the conversation we were having. And the Unit Secretary said something about Obama that wasn't good, and my liberal RT coworker told me the next day that he hates that Unit Secretary.

He said, "As soon as she opened her mouth I knew where the conversation was going to go."

My friends and I were drinking at my dad's cabin, and one of my cousins came out and said he was a supporter of Obama, and Obama will be our next President. Then he got all mad when my dad debated him. My dad did so with a smile. Yet our liberal relative was not so happy.

I'm not a debater. Usually I just let people talk and I lead them on, let them have their fun. Yet if someone says something that goes against the facts, I make them aware of it. It's a fun game I play. Then I shut up.

So when my friend said, "FDR was the best President we ever had. He ended the Great Depression."

I said, "If that's true, then why was there a second stock market crash just as bad as the 1929 crash several years after he was elected? And why was unemployment higher when he left office than when he entered?

"Oh, that's not true," he said defiantly.

"Look it up," I said.

Now I had no intention of getting him angry. In fact, my goal keep everyone happy. Yet a fact is a fact, and a lie is a lie. You can debate opinions, yet a fact is undeniable.

Another good example is John Kerry. When the Stimulus package passed he was all happy with Nancy Pelosi. Yet now that he's pretty confident republicans are going to win a bunch of seats in the 2010 mid-term elections, he says, "Well, you know, people are gonna vote this November in the elections, they just don't know what's going on."

See! People who vote conservative are stupid. Whenever liberals lose elections it's because we voters are stupid. Anyone who opposes liberalism is stupid.

You see, I think liberals and conservtives are smart. Yet liberalism to me is just not the right choice. It never works. The facts show it never works. Yet liberals don't make decisions based on fact. That's the whole problem. They decide based on feelings.

So are liberals irritated easily because they know they are not in the mainstream? Is it because they know issues liberals support are not popular? What's the deal?

Actually, I think the reason they get so upset is because they did not make the decision to become a liberal because of facts. That's the problem. Most people decide to become liberals because of feelings.

That's why liberalism is pretty much a religion with these people. It became a religion because it is attached to their feelings. They believe it's a good thing to redistribute wealth because it "feels good." You cannot debate that.

It feels good to say FDR ended the Great Depression. You cannot debate that. It's religion. It's not so much politics you cannot debate, it's religion. And since liberals have tied their political views to their feelings and emotions, debating them on issues they hold near and dear is like hitting their mother or father.

Religion is emotion. Religion makes you happy. To liberals and socialists and totalitarians around the world, politics and religion are interrelated. To totalitarians their belief in the Supreme being is politics. The same with liberalism.

Most people wear their emotions on their sleeves. To liberals, politics is religion. To Conservatives, God is religion. So if you insult a Conservatives political stance, he's less likely to get upset because his emotions are tied with his religion, and not his politics.

Just between you and me, you don't have to be a conservative to be my friend. Some of my best friends in the world are liberals, some even socialists who still call themselves democrats because socialist and liberal and progressive are bad words in politics.

Yet I'm a conservative, and I just keep my mouth shut around them. If they want to debate, we do so with smiles. If they get all sniffy, then we change the subject.

So why is it liberals get so moody? Is it the fact that hearing the truth hurts? Or perhaps because the truth hurts and they know they have no facts to back up their end, so they become vexed? Or because their religion is their political view.

The later would make the most sense to me, and would also explain why liberals tend to shy away from organized religion and toward secularism.

So why is it that liberals get so moody when there is a conservative view in the open? What do you think?

I will keep a list here of examples of angry liberal comments:

1. Liberal Harry Reid calls his opponent mentally disturbed (11/1/2010).

2. A couple my wife and I hand out with (the wife) said, "I don't want to talk politics, your husband is a republican." I'm evil because I'm republican. Yet I took the high road and said nothing (11/4/2010).

3. to be continued


namaste said...

i think you answered the question quite nicely in this post. liberal politics are driven by FEELINGS.

i take the same approach as you when i'm around liberals. i let them talk and hog the conversations. i don't waste breath on them cuz they're like religious zealots with their rebellion politics.

great post!

Rick Frea said...

Thanks. I needed the kind words tonight.