Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Had enough yet!" Be wary of History

I have written before on this blog how the tides of opinion in American can shift in a heart beat. I can think of many examples, yet I will limit it down to 1946, 1994, and 2010. For this reason, I advise republicans, and Tea Party supporters, to be careful.

In 1994 the republicans took over Congress for the first time in 48 years. Particularly due to Hilary Clinton's failed attempt to pass her version of Healthcare reform, the landscape in America looked as though republicans would surely defeat Bill Clinton in 1996.

Yet, lo and behold, in an attempt to win political favor, the usually liberal Bill Clinton signed into law a bill cutting taxes on capital gains that ended up boosting the economy, and he later signed a conservative bill into law that reformed (and successfully so) the welfare program.

As a result of the conservative 1994 victory, democrats benefited and won the Presidency back for Bill Clinton in 1996.

Now allow us to hop into our time machine and travel back to 1946. A president who was as close to a dictator than any other President besides Woodrow Wilson was now out of office (his name was FDR), and taxes were high, unemployment was high, Harry Truman's popularity was around 33%, and republican campaign posters said, "Had enough!"

Republicans won over the House in 1946 in a landslide. Yet because republicans were in the House, controlling the writings of bills, and Hoover refused to sign any of their bills, they were called the "do nothing Congress" and were blamed for the failures of Truman and FDR policies.

The republicans didn't win back the House until (ahem) 48 years later.

So now we have signs that chime, "Had enough yet!" Experts and political analysts are calling for a republican landslide on the backs of the Tea Party filled with common folks like you and me fed up with liberal policies that are bankrupting the U.S.

And you have guys like George Soros saying that, yes, the republicans probably will win the House in 2010. In fact, So did Robert Gibbs until he was forced to retract his statement.

Yet I think democrats WANT republicans to win in 2010 because, as history denotes, they can then pin the blame for their own failed policies on republicans. Then they can continue on with their agenda of creating a more socialist union.

However, even though it was easy for the media to listen to democrats when they chant, "Well, republicans control the House, it's their fault we are in this mess. They are a do nothing Congress."

And the media will repeat what the democrats, what Obama, says. Yet this old media technique of always supporting democrats and never supporting republican ideas is not working anymore. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and newspapers like the New York Times are shrinking. They are having less of an influence.

At the same time we have Fox News and talk radio and the Tea Party where people are becoming convinced that too much government and redistribution of wealth and activist judges who don't support the Constitution are not the norm here in America.

So even if democrats blame republicans this time around, which they will do, and even if the mainstream media joins in the good fight with democrats, it will not work anymore. People have caught on. The Internet allows the good guys to get the word out. Conservatism isn't trapped inside a box outside the media anymore.

Even though democrats try to blame republicans, it's not working. If it were, republicans wouldn't be heading for a landslide victory in 2010. The people know who caused this mess. They know it was progressives in Washington (mostly democrats).

So, while we need to be careful not to get our hopes up, we must not become bitter and hopeless that progressives and liberals and socialist will be able to continue their quest to change America and make it a socialistic union. They will lose. We will win. We will get our nation back.

Had enough yet!!!! Be wary of history, yet fight on, because progressives will not stop.

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