Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Those who created the recession won't be punished

Glenn Beck had a good thought on his program today. Well, actually he has lots of good thoughts every day. Yet today he said that Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and liberal democrats wanted to give people who couldn't afford a home to get one so they too could live the American dream.

Then after a few years they had their homes foreclosed because, as we discovered, "Guess What? They couldn't afford their home. We learned that people who couldn't afford their homes couldn't afford their homes."

And do we punish the people who couldn't afford their homes? No. We don't make them pay anything. What we're doing for them is bailing them out. And we're not punishing the banks either, because we're bailing them out.

And we're not punishing Barney Frank and Chris Dodd either because they believe they didn't do anything wrong. They still think they did something good.

No. The people who are being punished are the American people. We are forced to pay the bill because we are the ones being taxes to flip the bailout bill for all these failed foreclosures.

Actually, due to all the debt we've run up, the actual people who will be flipping the bill is our children. They aren't even old enough to vote yet, and they are already running up a bill.

Yep. And we have liberal, progressive democrats like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank to thank for this. And they won't even be punished.

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