Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In defense of Charlie Sheen

So Charlie Sheen is found naked, drunk, and destroying is hotel room. So now we have people on all the progressive news networks and opinion shows saying, "Enough is enough! Something needs to be done."

Sure Charlie Sheen has a past where he has been treated for addiction. Sure he ought to be prosecuted for damage he has done. If he needs help, he should get it. Whatever help he gets, though, should not be up to progressive experts to decide: it should be up to him.

Some on TV have proclaimed that enough is enough, and we ought to boy cot his show Two and a half men. His show is funny. Charlie Sheen is a good actor and his show is awesome. He has one of the few truly realistic shows on TV. In fact, if anything, progressives should hail his show, because Sheen and the character he portrays are about as liberal as they get.

Yet that doesn't matter. If Sheen were a normal American and not a Hollywood actor, he would be able to get drunk, hire a prostitute, he'd be charged for any damage he created, and then he'd be on his way. Sure he'd have to do some damage control amid his small circle, yet then he'd go on with his life as usual. Yet Sheen is not allowed to do that?

Since Sheen is a Hollywood actor, however, he's expected to do more. According to progressive idealists, he's supposed to be an example not to use prostitutes, and not to do drugs and not to do alcohol. That's what this "Let's get Charlie Sheen" is all about: making alcohol look as bad as they say it is.

Look, I don't like what Sheen did. If he committed a true crime, he should be prosecuted. But other than that, he should be left alone. He is being held to higher standards by the media because he is an elite actor.

Yet at the same time it's these same people who follow these stars around and won't let them have any privacy. I can imagine how stressful a life that would be. I personally like to drink beer, and yes I have even gotten blitzed a few times among my friends and even did some stupid things. We all have. It's our God given right to do stupid things.

Yet we are allowed to get over it. We in the normal realm of human life are allowed to go on with our life. Yet for some reason because Sheen is the highest paid actor on TV -- he gets paid $2 million an episode of Two and a Half Men -- he is ridiculed by the mass media elites.

I'm tired of actors and athletes going to rehab just because they had one or two drinks one day (Like Brett Favre a few years ago) and then he's cured of his alcohol problem he never had to begin with.

That's right! According to progressives any alcohol is bad. You watch any TV show (especially soaps) and drinking is considered bad ALWAYS. Drinking more than 2 drinks a day equals alcoholism, and is associated with crime. And, since we can't have prohibition (they tried that and it failed) we can slowly, by attrition, make alcohol look bad. In that way, by attrition, we can get rid of alcohol in America.

So that's why every opportunity the elites have to make an example of someone who had a drink or did drugs, the example will be made. And it is on this ground that you'll hear people in the media chant things like, "Well, we have to do something. He must be punished somehow. By God, he shouldn't just be allowed to go on with his life like some normal American!"

Yes he should. Leave Charlie Sheen alone. Elite Americans have enough trouble staying out of the limelight (unless they want it).

I think, instead of Charlie Sheen's public relations team saying things like, "Well, he just had an allergic reaction," just to please the progressive media, the people who believe we should all be perfect. He should say, "Yes I got drunk! Yes I hired a prostitute! Yes I did drugs! And it's my God Given right to be stupid! Punish if I invaded someone freedoms, and then let me go on with my life!"

Is Sheen surrounded by enablers? Probably. Is he a drunk? Maybe. Or maybe he just likes an occasional drink and likes the occasional drunk and the occasional prostitute. That's not the way I'd live my life, nor the life I'd recommend for my kids. Yet that's none of my business.

And that's the difference between me and progressives. I don't agree with you and still allow you to live your life as you choose. Progressives don't like what you do, and something has to be done to change you.

Charlie Sheen is going about his life as usual, and that's how it should be. Charge him for destroying property, and then get on with it. This also another perfect example of the progressive media making news where none exists.

So there.

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