Thursday, October 28, 2010

Write! These are trying times! Write! Write! Write!

Glenn Beck was talking on his show about how these are trying times. In fact, these might actually be times times as trying as back in the 1770s when the American Colonists realized there were major differences between the Mother Land and the Colonists.

Yet back then a revolution was needed. Now we have the Constitution created by the rebels of the 1770s and we no longer need a revolution. So long as our political leaders love and respect the U.S. Constitution, and the will of the people, there is no need for a revolution.

Yet since about 1885 we've had the progressives trying to reshape the Constitution. They've decided all the "social reforms" they want to create are not possible. For that reason a revolution was not possible this time. The Constitution prevents a revolution. And that's a good thing, at least to those who love this country the way the founders intended.

These are trying times. We have to choose between capitalists and socialists. What makes it hard, however, is that the capitalists are out in the open debating in the arena of ideas, and the socialists call themselves progressives or liberals or nothing at all in order to hide their true intent.

These are trying times. We have to choose between freedom of speech and what? The socialists don't like people to say things that might offend others. Just like Juan Williams was hailed as a psychopath by his boss at National Public Radio and fired because he said how he feels about being on an airplane with those in Muslim garb.

Capitalists allow for freedom of speech. You are allowed to disagree with capitalists. You are allowed freedom to have your feelings expressed and your opinions known. Yet in the progressive or socialist world, you don't. In the progressive world you have to be politically correct.

These are trying times. Glenn Beck said these are times where moms and dads should be writing down how they feel about what's going on, because it will be neat to go back and see what common folks wrote, kind of like we like to do that for writings from the 1770s and even the Civil War era or WWII war correspondence.

I never thought of that before, but that's exactly what I do on this blog. That's what we bloggers do. We write how we feel about these "trying times." Sometimes I look back on my writings of old and think things like, "Man, that was brilliant. How did I think of that?" Yet other times I think, "Man, you sure were drinking the cool Aid on that."

It will be interesting how my children view my writings. It will be interesting if and only if the progressives don't get their way and destroy all opinions they disagree with. It will be interesting, if the Internet of ideas still exists.

Write! Write! Write!

What do you think? What do you write?

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