Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it right to euthenize the bear?

So if you break into my house, and I bite your leg and force you to run off into the distance fearing for your life. Who should go to jail?

That's right: you.

That's about how I feel about a scenario that took place in Shoreline recently regarding a hunter and a bear. The hunter invaded the bear's territory, and the bear ripped into the hunters skin and forced the hunter to run off in fear of his life.

The bear is now being hunted so it can be euthanized. The DNR said the bear no longer fears humans, and needs to be taken care of so it doesn't do this to another person, or, worse, kill a person.

Yet to me the fact that the bear attacked a person is proof that it does fear people. It wanted to scare the person away so that it would leave its cubs alone.

Plus the hunter invaded the bear's territory, his home, and the bear was just trying to protect his home and his family.

So let's punish the bear? Let's euthanize the bear? Does that make sense? I think not.


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