Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mainstream

The mainstream in America are all those folks who are in support the U.S. Constitution, traditional American Values, capitalism/ conservatism, hard work, and opportunity. Yet when you read the newspapers those who are mainstream are the progressives.

Yes, the progressives are the new mainstream. Well, they aren't, yet that's what the media will have us believe. That's what Obama will have us believe. They want people to think they are teh mainstream, and anyone who stands in their way is out of the mainstream.

Yet the truth is, the media is wrong. The mainstream is against big government. Every poll I've seen shows that most Americans are opposed to the bailouts. Recent polls, as you can see by this Rassmussen poll, show that 61% of Americans want Obama's Healthcare program repealed.

The mainstream is the majority. A majority of Americans to not like Obama's stimulus pork barrel spending stimulus plan that is bankrupting the country. The majority is against cap and trade. They are against a second stimulus. They are against the first stimulus. They are against more tax and spend policies that do not do what they are intended to do.

The majority is conservatism. The minority is liberalism/progressivism.

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