Saturday, October 23, 2010

Questions I will ask you

If you want me to vote for you, or put your political sign in my yard, you have to answer correctly the following three questions:

1. Do you believe in partial birth abortions are okay in an otherwise healthy baby?

2. Do you believe in redistribution of wealth?

3. Do you believe in the rights of man or rights of men?

4. Are you a Constitutionalist? Do you believe laws should be made from the bench, or should Judges make rules only by the laws that already exist?

5. Does the Constitution create or protect freedom?

6. Are you an idealist or a realist?

First, I do not ask if you believe in Abortion, but do you believe it's okay to mangle a living, human baby. The correct answer is no.

Second, I basically want to know if they are a socialist. The correct answer would be no.

Third, do you believe in individual rights was an option here, but I thought it would be too easy to say yes to this one. The founding fathers fought for the rights of men. They believed in individual rights as opposed to the rights of the collective. Many thought the French revolution was similar to ours, yet the French fought for the collective rights of man. Thus, the rights of men is the correct answer here. (For better definitions, click here)

Fourth, I thought to ask: Do you believe in the Constitution when it says, "We the people?" Or Do you support the Constitution? Yet any American would be eager to say yes to these regardless of opinion. I basically want to know if they would support a judge who makes decisions based on laws on hand, or an activist Judge who rules based on his opinion. The correct answer is yes.

Fifth, the Constitution does not create freedoms, it protects our God given rights. It prevents lawmakers from making any law that takes away the freedoms we were born with. Therefore, the correct answer is the Constitution protects our freedoms.

Sixths, idealists believe it's possible to create a perfect world where there is no war, and no bad guys. Realists know bad guys and evil nations will always exist. The correct answer is a realist.

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