Friday, October 22, 2010

Progressives have to lie to get elected

I normally don't like to write about local state political races, yet there is one going on here in Michigan that is a perfect example of how progressives (liberals) have to lie in order to get elected.

First of all, I think negative ad campaigns are fine so long as they say the truth. And the democrat said the truth when, in his ad, it was said that the republican supported a 23% sales tax and privatizing social security.

That was the truth, and if he left it at that and let the people decide who was the better candidate based on that, he would be fine. Yet he didn't. He had to spell it out for his readers because he wasn't sure they would make the best decision left to their own devices.

So he lied. He said, "He's gonna get rid of your income tax and he's going to tax you at 23% every time you go to the story. Does that make sense."

Then he lied: "He wants to get rid of social security."

He does? He really wants to get rid of social security? That's not true at all. In fact, the republican needlessly had to go on a TV campaign saying that he wanted to preserve social security, and his efforts were to SAVE it, not get rid of it.

The democrat showed the republican saying these things. And yes, he did say them. Yet, these were not attempts to get rid of social security, these were IDEAS to save them. The problem is, they were IDEAS that were not progressive.

These ideas attacked progressive/ liberal ideologies, and therefore needed to be stopped. Anyone who does not support progressive dogma is bullied and intimidated to not do it. Bush was Bullied and intimidated when he tried to change social security for the better -- when he tried to capitalize it.

So you see, the democrat was lying. He was saying what was not true in order to get elected. This is a common technique by socialists. Hitler lied to the people this way to, although he was far more extreme. Stalin lied to the people, although he was more extreme. The Chinese lie too to the people.

Yet this isn't supposed to happen in the U.S. In the U.S. we are told the truth and we are let to decide who is the better candidate. Yet if the democrat came out and said, "I am a socialist," he would never be elected.

An even better example is the 1932 Presidential election where FDR ran as a conservative and lied to the people that he would champion conservative principles. Why did he do this? It's because if he said the truth that he really wanted to do with this nation, he never would have been elected.

This is the progressive movement in action. It's been slowly moving forward it's policies since about 1995. They want to change the Constitution. They want to create experts in Washington (Czars anyone?) who decide what is best for you.

They also have to define for you who the best candidate is in their view, because otherwise you would never choose that candidate. A perfect example of this I see on my local TV station right where I live here in Shoreline, Michigan.

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