Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here's what the new House must do

For the 2010 mid-term elections to be a success, and to make sure Obama can't do what Harry Truman did to the republicans following the 1946 mid-term republican surge and call this new class of Congressmen a "do nothing" Congress and use that as a ramp to Obama getting re-elected as president, republicans need to do as many of the following as possible in the next two years.

1. They need to pass a bill appealing Obamacare. Sure it won't pass the senate and reach the President's veto pen, but this will show us that they are listening.

2. Obstruct the funding of Obamacare any way possible.

3. They need to pass a bill extending the Bush Tax Cuts. Even if it doesn't pass the Senate, it will force their hands and show the public what democrats are in favor of tax cuts and what ones are for tax hikes (or which ones are capitalists and which ones are socialists). Actually, democrats might be forced to pass this bill. Would Obama sign it? Who knows.

4. Reject any bill that would increase government regulations on businesses, unless the regulation is absolutely needed. This includes cap and trade.

5. Pass a bill banning pork barrel additions to bills. This would force Senators to concentrate on national matters instead of local bridges that local governments should ufnd, and prevent the buying of votes. This may not pass the senate, but at least it will show republicans are listening to the people.

6. Pass a bill that cut billions of dollars in wasteful government spending. Again, it may not pass the senate...

7. Pass a bill to allow coastal drilling and and open up drilling in Anwar to reduce American reliance on foreign oil both to boost our own economy and to benefit our national security. Again, it may not pass the senate.

8. Pass a bill that secures our border. It may not pass the senate...

9. Do not allow the passage of any new government programs.

10. Do not worry if no bills get passed. The American people would rather nothing get done than have more government and nothing further to show for it with the added debt.

11. Do not do anything to obstruct social security or medicade or medicare, and make no statements about these government programs. In other words, do not give democrats ammo to use in the 2012 election cycle to try to paint republicans as trying to get rid of these programs. We can fix these programs too, but this can wait.

That's right. The 2010 mid-term elections were the people saying: STOP! We've had enough. All the republicans have to do is show they care, and stop democrats and moderate republicans from forcing on the public liberal-progressive programs and they will have succeeded, and should have a good chance of taking over the executive branch in 2012 -- if we get a good candidate.

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