Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are progressives selfish????

This is just a thought, but do you think it's possible that liberals, progressives, and mainly democrats, put themselves before the nation. I mean, I'd like to have more money myself, yet I always like to think I'd rather have a nation before a better pension.

I say this because tonight I had a discussion with a teacher friend of mine, and she said first off that she didn't want to discuss politics with me because I'm a republican.

Then she said, "So who won in Michigan?"

I said, "Republicans won big."

She said. "Darn. Rick Snyder won then. That means they are going to take away my pension."

"Nothing is going to change," My wife said. And the discussion ended with an "Okay" by my teacher friend.

I could have added to the discussion, yet I took the high ground and kept my mouth shut. I have no problem with my friend being a democrat. I have no problem with her being a progressive. I have no problem if her decision is based on lack of wisdom or if it's due to a well thought out process. I have never attacked her position, or said she was stupid, or attacked the people she likes or...

Look, in my view, this is America and she can think anything she wants. I want her to express her view. I want her to disagree with me if she wants. Unlike progressives, I don't want to not hear those who disagree with me. I don't want fairness doctrines to shut up progressive media outlets.

I won't run away from her in anger when she says I'm an stupid for my views. I won't, by the way, ever call her stupid, because I know she's not. She may be wrong in her view for America, yet she's definitely not stupid.

Yet she doesn't feel the same. I'm a conservative, and a republican, and I'm wrong. Republicans, in her view, are trying to destroy her own personal life. Republicans, or conservatives, are standing in the way of progressivism. Better yet, conservatives will try to get rid of social security, medicare and pensions.

During the 2012 election cycle democrats were running adds saying things like, "Dan Benesheck is against social security; he wants to take your social security away." They claimed he wants to privatize social security, and this would mean when the stock market crashes, there would go our retirement.

Yet what they didn't say was Dan was smart enough to recognize social security is going bankrupt in a few years. If we don't do something, it won't be there. Thankfully voters were smart enough to see through this junk; these twists of the truth; lies.

That's what I think my friend was responding to, the lies that republicans want to take away stuff from them, like pensions. Yet the truth is, if anything, a republican governor might be the best option to keep your pensions because republicans will cut spending and reduce taxes to make sure the government doesn't go bankrupt. If we have no state, they you'll have no pension.

When it comes to medicair and social security the same holds true. Democrats want to everbody what they want and what they think they deserve, yet republicans are aware that social security might go broke and medicare might go broke. They will work to fix what is broken. So if you want to keep your check, you are better off voting republican.

I remember a few days ago a liberal friend of mine at work said the commercials that attack Rick Snyder claiming that he "sent jobs oversesas," was a good reason not to vote for him. Yet my conservative friend came back with a good argument: "Him sending jobs oversees allowed him to keep his business going, and that's the exact kind of person we need in Lansing.

Thus, if Snyder has to make some cuts, pensions perhaps, to save the state, then that's what he should do. Regardless if he has to, "take what is mine," away.

That's right. In her view, republicans are after her pension. Republicans are after her retirement. Republicans want her to make less money. It doesn't matter about saving the state from bankruptcy. She doesn't consider the fact that government workers in Michigan make twice as much as the same worker in the private sector.

Unions are selfish? Unions, like the teachers union, are after as much money to teachers as they can get. That is, regardless as to whether as a nation we can afford the teachers pay, and the teachers pension. Teachers, in that regard, at least liberal teachers (of which 80% of teachers are) are selfish?

I'm sorry, but while I think teachers are underpaid, I don't feel sorry for them at all. They have every holiday off, they have three months out of summer off, they don't have to save lives. If a life in in jeopardy, all they do is call someone. And despite the crying, they get paid pretty well.

Yes, the teachers who live in my neighborhood make about $20,000 more than I do, and I save lives. I save lives, I do CPR, I do mouth to mouth, I open up lungs, I get people feeling better, and I get paid shit. Yet you never hear RTs complaining about pay, you hear teachers complaining.

Is it possible most progressives think of themselves before the nation? They think of getting what's due to them? They think about getting their money? They think about getting their welfare? Their medicaid? Their social security? At the expense of the nation.

Who cares that hard working middle class workers like you and me have to sacrifice to pay the price tag for all those teachers and social programs. Who cares about that. It's all about me. Liberals are all about me.

Personally, as a conservative, I am a patriot. I would rather make less money and have the nation get stronger. I believe (my principle) that without my nation I would have nothing. I'd rather my nation be strong than I be strong.

Yet that's just me. I'm no selfish at all. Yet my thought today is, are progressives selfish? Are they blind that they are free due to the nation, and if they continue to be selfish their nation may be no more?

You know, it used to be that Americans would give up their lives before they gave up their freedoms, or allowed others to give up theirs. Now we have people saying to hell with other people's freedom so long as I get what is mine.

Just a thought. What do you think?

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