Friday, November 12, 2010

Soros plan to take over America

Glenn Beck has been on a rampage recently about how progressives have been trying for the past 100 years to overtake the United States and create a New World Order, or a socialist society. Is Beck basically a conspiracy theorist as some in the media propose, or is he being factual?

Should we heed his advice and stock up on food because the ultimate goal of progressives is to collapse the American system to make America more in line with the rest of the world so we become submissive to the desires of progressives and the New World Order?

Is Beck accurate in that progressives, lead by George Soros, want the American economy to fail? Is it possible that Obama is in the back pocket of Soros? How about if we learn for ourselves if what he says is true.

Check out this link where Beck explains how Soros is trying and succeeding at destroying nations in an attempt to create a New World Order.

Then check out this link which lists the research about George Soros, the man Glenn Beck calls the puppet master. Is Beck paranoid as the New York Times claims here, or is he right? As Beck said on his program 11/10/10, you decide.

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