Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is a perfect world possible? The Bible says no

The ultimate goal of progressives and socialists is to create a perfect, euphoric society where everyone has the same opportunity and everyone makes the same money, and there are not bad guys. The problem with this ideal world, however great it would be, is that it is not possible.

Think of it this way, if it were possible to create a perfect world, wouldn't God have done so long ago. The truth to the matter is, he warned Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Wisdom, and they were tricked by the Serpent.

He later killed all the evil people in the world by a flood, and several years later people reverted back to their old ways of worshiping pagan gods such as Baal. The Bible has example after example how God gets rid of evil people, only for evil people to still exist.

If this proves nothing else is that God really did create man in his image. The Bible does say God created man in his image, and since man is not perfect, then therefore we can conclude that God is not perfect. And since God Himself is not perfect, then therefore we can conclude that it is not possible to create a perfect world.

This in and of itself thwarts the theory of progressives that a perfect world is possible. It also provides us a good example of why a socialist such as Joseph Stalin once said that it is not possible to have a perfect society in a world where religions are allowed to exist. And this is why he chose to destroy all the churches and punish people who worshiped God. The same thing occurred in Hitler's Germany.

The Bible teaches individualism. It teaches that if the individual works hard and is virtuous, he will be able to reap the rewards of his hard work. He will also have to face the consequences of his failures. In this system, one who learns from his mistakes is most likely to succeed, and to be modest at the same time.

God provides all men and women with the same freedoms when we are born, and the only thing that can take away these freedoms is a government. Thus, the more laws, the less freedoms. The higher the taxes, the less freedom to choose how we spend our money. The more regulations the less freedom of choice.

So since God and the Bible preach individualism and capitalism, then this is another good reason for progressives and socialists to attempt to get the Bible our of classrooms and out of courtrooms and other government buildings. A more secular society is one that would be more likely to accept a more progressive government.

Unlike God and conservatives, progressives like to create a crisis in order to capitalize off it. They raise taxes and increase government programs under the name of social justice. They exaggerate a crisis (i.e. global warming, the pig flu crisis) so the people call to the government to do something. They use this to advance their agenda. He never lets a good crisis go to waste.

They work to create a perfect and socialist world, yet they don't tell us this. Instead they have to hide their true ambitions just like the devil deceives in order to get his way. He does not learn from the lessons of the past, and the world does not become perfect. In fact, the exact opposite occurs. He creates chaos. That's the goal of the devil, after all.

They say their goal is to make the economy better, yet their Keynesian economics only make unemployment worse, and when fewer people are working there is less money in the market to increase economic activity. Yet a good progressive must never admit he is sabotagingt the market.

Unlike Conservatives, progressives are not motivated by virtues, and they do not act with prudence. Instead he is idealogical.

Progressives, therefore, believe freedoms and human rights are not something we are born with, but are only provided to us BY a Constitution. He therefore attempts to control the individual by subverting his spirit and punishing his natural impulses He believes that it is okay for the government to steal what one earns, but it is not okay for a child to steal from another. Thus, the progressive would ignore the Biblical quotation, "Thou shalt not steal."

Progressives may believe in God, yet they do not believe God has a place in government. They did not learn from history, therefore, that God attempted to create a perfect world and failed. Or if one does not believe in God, that man has made many attempts to perfect society through social justice and failed every time. And yet they continue again and again and again and rightly fail every time.

By following the Bible and what failed and what succeeded by past governments, the founding fathers created the U.S. Constitution. They made it so that government officials could make no law that would take away our God given freedoms. Progressives chose to ignore the Constitution to force their views on Americans, and they also chose to ignore the Bible in their attempt to create their ideal world.

The progressive knows he is right and tries to force his views on the people. Conservatives know they know nothing, and allow individuals the freedom to decide for themselves what is right.

In this way, progressives are constantly trying to manipulate the people into thinking that the Bible and Conservatives are wrong in believing that a free market system is the best system, and the closest we will ever be to a perfect world.

He believes experts in government agencies have the answers to all the problems. He assumes he is correct always. He is always trying to add more government programs and gain more control over individual rights and to regulate the free market.

And when something he does is proven to be detrimental to the public, when there are unintended consequences to their actions, they blame the free market, and therefore capitalism, conservatism, and ultimately the Bible itself.

God eventually came to the realization that no matter what he does some people will continue to worship false gods, and others will continue to simply be outright evil. And the way He found to keep the evil people in check was to help His people create an exceptional nation in the United States of America.

The closest this world has ever gotten to perfection is capitalism, which in itself is flawed because in a perfect capitalist society some people must fail so that newer and better industries can prevail.

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