Monday, November 29, 2010

Here's how to best a liberal

Liberals tend to anger easily (as I write here), and when they get angry want to stop the debate or they throw curses your way. So it's better not to discuss politics with them.

Liberalism is all about knowing what is best for people. That's what liberalism is: having experts and expert committees deciding what's best for people and making laws to enforce them

So since they know all, it's hard to debate them. So I find the best way to debate a liberal is with reverse psychology. Don't debate them at all. Get them thinking. Ask them questions

When they make a comment that you know is not true, give them the facts. When they question you, say: "Look it up!" That ends the discussion. Say no more

Or, better yet, ask a question. Don't get them angry, get them thinking. If they are interested in learning, they will look up the facts. A wise man will do that.

Don't go on the defense. State the facts, and have them prove you wrong. Or, better yet, have them prove their point-of-view right. If you state your POV it's a personal attack on them. They'll get mad. So, instead say, "So, why do you think that?"

Here are some examples:

1. Taxes should be increased on the rich. People who make more than $200,000 a year should have their taxes hiked.

Since the rich account for 75% of jobs, and most businesses make over $200,000, how does the government taking money out of your company, your employer's pocket, your business, how does that help that company hire anybody else or give anybody that works there a raise? How does it happen? Where is the goodness in this? Where is the decency? How does taxing your boss help you? How does causing your boss to make less money help you? Doesn't taking money from a company shrink the company? Isn't that like robbing the company? How does that work as an incentive for your boss to invest in his company? How does that improve the economy? If your boss is going to be taxed more if he makes more, isn't that an incentive not to invest and to spend his money sitting on a beachin the bahamas until the economic environment is improved? If new investments meant more taxes and less money, why invest in the first place? How does that work? What is the upside? How does that help with the deficit? How does that help improve the economy?

2. FDR was a great President.

If FDR was such a great President as they teach in school, explain to me why the unemployment rate was higher when he left office compared to when he entered. Look it up. Explain why there was a second stock market crash six years into FDRs term in office. Why was it the stock market didn't return to pre 1929 stock market crash levels until 25 years after FDR was elected?

4. WWII ended the Great Depression

If WWII ended the Great Depression, then why was there rationing during WWII?

6. Keynesian economics is the best way to end a recession

If that's true, give me one example of a country that tax and spended it's way out of a recession. Name one time a country has taxed itself into prosperity? I've looked it up, and I found no examples. I've seen many times it's been tried in over 5,000 years of history, but never saw it work. So why would it work this time?

5. Tax cuts for the rich only help the rich get richer

If that's true, then why was unemployment at it's lowest after tax cuts by Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush. And why did the U.S. economy boom after each of those tax cuts, and the economy has never boomed following a tax hike.

6. Socialism/ liberalism really does work.

If that's true, then why has socialism failed everywhere it's been tried? If everyone makes the same amount of money, where is the incentive to work? Where is the incentive to invest?

7. Obama cut taxes for 98% of the people

How could that be if only 48% of people pay taxes? Is a $250 check from the government a tax cut, or a refund on taxes we already paid (a stimulus)? Think about it. Of course what you say might be true, because if 98% of us have had our incomes reduced by 30-50%, our taxes probably went down. We've had a tax cut, but we had to get poorer to get it. Does that benefit the economy? Are you proud that Americans are paying less taxes because they make less money? Does that make sound economic sense?

8. Obama says he's doing to extend the Bush tax cuts and call them the Obama tax cuts

How could that be true if taxes are going to remain where they are right now? How could it be a tax cut?

9. We need to take care of the poor. We need to feed the poor. We need to tax the rich to help the poor.

Nobody has a problem helping the poor, the problem is people living off the government. The problem is people making a living off our charity. How does making people dependent of government help the economy? How does it help you and me? Heck, how does it help the person receiving the check?

10. 90% of blacks vote democrat and it's a good thing

It's funny that blacks continue to vote democrat, because they've been doing that for 60 years now and they are poorer now than they were 60 years ago. Why do you think that is? So you gotta wonder: why don't more blacks vote republican? (for more click here)

11. So where'd you get your facts from? Rush Limbaugh

Have you ever listened to Rush? Then you can't complain about him.

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