Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The devil and progressive try to manipulate

Everyone knows that the devil is manipulating. Yet few people in the past 100 years have realized the manipulating ways of the progressives. In this way, Satan has created chaos right here in America by insidious means.

There are three methods he uses to manipulate:
  1. Deception
  2. Reasoning
  3. Life and Death

By deception, he makes something bad look good. An example of this is sexting. People are convinced this is an innocent and fun act. Yet in the end it has been proven to break up marriages. This in essence creates chaos in one's life.

Progressivism is another good example. They make redistribution of wealth look like a good thing for the benefit of society, yet in reality it's the same as socialism and only results in creating class warfare, envy, and economic chaos.

Progressivism is anti-Bible and anti-God. In fact, it was Stalin himself who said that socialism (progressivism) cannot exist together with religion, because the Bible preaches capitalism and individualism. Progressivism is the antithesis of individualism. Hence, the Devil love progressivism.

Progressives also deceive the people in many ways. They cannot come out and say they are socialists, because then the people wouldn't support them.

Reasoning is an attempt to convince one that what is wrong is just and right. This is another means progressives use as well. They know that if you tax the rich this will not generate more wealth, and they know that if you cut taxes this will create more taxpayers and thus more wealth. But they tell us that cutting taxes will result in less revenue. In this way they try to convince us that something that is not is.

Adam and Eve were convinced by Satan that eating something God said was bad would actually be a good thing, or at least it won't make things any worse than they are now. If it looks good, it must be good.

There are a lot of poor people in the U.S., so progressives convinced us it was a good idea to tax the rich in order to give this money to the poor. They called it the war on poverty. Yet instead of making less poor this resulted in more poor.

We were convinced something that looked wrong was right, and now we suffer the consequences, and the progressives benefit because once we have a government program we can't get rid of it because politicians are afraid they will lose votes if they do.

We are convinced by progressives and the devil that giving to the poor will help them out. When in reality it decreases social morale, decreases your lot in life, decreases individualism, decreases freedom, and traps people on the government dole. It makes people lazy. This is what progressives want, and what most people do not want.

Yet this type of chaos is what the devil wants: to suck the life out of people. The worse off people are the more likely they are to shun God and seek out him. The worse off people are the more likely they are to call to progressives to create a government program to help them. They are always right there with the solution.

Thus, another method the Devil uses to manipulate is to get you to hate life. That IS his ultimate goal. He makes you depressed. He wants you to think life sucks. He wants you to feel bad. He wants to make you want to take your own life and perhaps the life of others in the process.

Like Satan, progressives want you to feel depressed and hopeless so you come crawling to them for the answers. Like the devil, progressives justify bad things by saying it's okay, "Their's nothing to fear but fear itself." It's not so bad. Unemployment at 10% is the new normal.

The solution to this is the following:

  1. Find God. The Bible shows you what is right, and going to church each week assures you get on and stay on the right path.
  2. Capitalism. History shows this has always bettered society, and is the closest a state can get to a perfect society. God preaches capitalism.
  3. Education. We must teach the Bible and history.

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