Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everything you need to know about Wikileaks

First of all, any one who is responsible for leaking top secret Federal information should be prosecuted and charged with treason. There should be no slaps in the wrist here.

Second, other than that, there really are no surprises that have come out of the wikileaks scandal. Nothing learned is new. Nothing learned is amazing. Nothing.

Many people are wondering why Obama is silent on the matter. Many Conservatives are saying he should come out and denounce it. The problem is, progressives like Obama have the goal of bringing down the U.S. to size with other nations.

We are an arrogant nation who thinks we are better than all others. While conservatives believe we need to be the leader of the free world (think American exceptionalism), progressives hate this. So the whole wikileaks thing is good for progressives. So why then would Obama speak against it when it supports his agenda.

This is nothing new.

Likewise, what we have learned is nothing new. No surprises.

The leaks informed us that China is responsible for nukes to Iran. I think the wise of us suspected as much, and the Fed has denied it.

Iran obtained nukes from North Korea. What's new about this. If Washington denied it, they were lying. Both Iran and North Korea have been known terrorist nations for years. Just ask George W. Bush, who called them on it and the left was angry.

George Bush and Obama claim to have such a cozy relationship with Rusian leaders, yet the leaks reveals Medvedez plays "Robin to Putin's Batman." While our leaders said one thing in public, they though another. No surprise here: our leaders are lying to us.

While they deny it in public, U.S. officials have called Ahmadinejad to be "like Hitler. No surprise here.

Hillary hired spies to spy on UN leaders. Of course they'll lie and deny it, but are we surprised?

The problem with these leaks is that they decrease respect for other nations and world leaders for the U.S., and may make it so people of importance won't trust us. Likewise, it decreases our ability to defend the U.S. because the leaks may reveal secrets needed to be kept secret for national security purposes.

The leaker is said to be a Private first class officer, yet it seems kind of fishy that one person could have obtained all this highly sensitive information without help. Maybe Obama leaked it. Probably not.

It also shows the incompetence of the Obama administration. Was it Hilary Clintons fault? Some call for her to be fired. Should she be fired? I'm not concerned about that. That's not the issue as far as I'm concerned.

In fact, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says she should be fired as a "fall guy" responsible for the leaks. Yet personally I think Assange should get no credibility, and Clinton has actually done a decent job considering her political affiliation. She's done nothing worth getting fired for.

Something like this could have happened regardless who was president, so we shouldn't be so hard on Obama either. The question is, could the Fed made a better effort to threaten the leakers and prevented this? Should Wikileaks be prosecuted and stopped? Is it a first amendment right to report this, or espionage?

That's all for others to decide. What we do know is that leaks of this nature are really bad for the U.S., someone ought to be charged with treason, someone in Washington ought to be fired and likewise charged with treason (the leaker that is).

Other than that, there are no surprises here. We already knew Iran and North Korea were thug nations. We already knew Putin was a socialist thug. We already knew the government lies to us. No surprises here. It's wrong. But no surprises.

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