Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 2, 2010, was rejeciton of progressivism

The November 2 election was not a rejection of Obama. That's what we need to understand as a nation. It was a rejection of American Progressivism. Americans believe in personal accountability and capitalism.

The election was Americans saying: STOP! Stop the spending! Stop the building up of our debt! Stop the bailouts! Stop! Just Stop!

Americans rejected our tax and spend policies redolent of socialism. Most of us don't have a problem helping out those in need, but we don't want people taking advantage of and living off the government. And we don't want any more debt.

That is what this election cycle was all about. It's not a rejection of democratic ideas any more than it's a rejection of republicans who are associated with tax and spend progressive ideals.

We want a responsible and limited republic. We want government to create a good economic environment that allows all people the same opportunity to better their lives, but does not simply give people that of which they have not earned.

The government should help the needy and the elderly, should encourage each of us to make good decisions and to be held accountable for our actions, should protect us from each other not from ourselves, should provide good roads for safe travel and basic infrastructure needs.

That is what this election cycle was all about. We have to wait and see if those in Washington and at the state level got the message. Otherwise, the public will make more changes come the 2012 election.

Stop! That is the message sent to Washington. Whether they get it or not that's another story.

If nothing else, this should force us all to have the discussion of what the real problems are in this nation, and how to solve them.

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