Saturday, November 6, 2010

U.S. scolded for human rights violations

According to many experts in the world, including right here in the U.S., America is in violation of the Human Rights Code. The mission of these people is to remedy this problem by forcing the U.S. to comply. That was the topic of a UN Human Rights Council yesterday where the U.S. took a major scolding.

Thank God we have a U.S. Constitution, whereby the natural freedoms of U.S. citizens are protected, and which makes U.S. citizens subject to U.S. Courts and not world courts, otherwise laws created by the Human Rights Council would be forced on U.S. citizens.

Many people in the world, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and many European Nations believe the U.S. should be subject to the Human Rights Code, and should follow whatever laws and regulations are passed by the UN. Yet the U.S. has traditionally rejected the Human Rights Code, and instead allows it's citizens to establish its own laws which, in essence, protect our rights.

For instance, the U.S. has a right to blockade Cuba as an incentive to that country to end its tyranny over its own people. Yet since the UN thinks it's okay what's going on in the Cuba, it allowed Cuba to scold the U.S. regarding this issue, and even called it, "Genocide."

Iran said, "“halt serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law including covert external operations by the CIA carried out on pretext of combating terrorism.”

So we can't fight terrorism is the Human Rights Council had its way.

According to Slate, "U.S. Gets Scolding from Human Rights Council," Iran is set to stone a woman for adultery, yet is allowed to scold the U.S. for human rights crimes against women.

Cuba also said we are in violations against immigrants because we don't give them the same rights as other Americans, including the right to food and health care.

Slate also noted that "North Korea, a dictatorial nation known to starve its own people, told the U.S. 'to address inequalities in housing, employment and education' and 'prohibit brutality…by law enforcement officials.' The delegation also noted that it was 'concerned by systematic widespread violations committed by the United States at home and abroad.'"

The British and France scolded us for allowing capital punishment. So we can't punish those who brutally torture fellow Americans?

Look, the purpose of our Constitution is to protect us from each other, not to protect us from ourselves. Socialists around the world (including progressives and liberals in the U.S., as well as socialists and communists around the world) believe a Constitution should likewise protect us from ourselves.

That is why we should be subject to the Human Rights Code. That's why they have tried to make laws than ban parents from spanking their kids, or to prevent restaurants from putting salt in food, or ban alcohol, drugs (they succeeded here), and etc.

According to these socialists we are not smart enough to decide on our own what we should be allowed to do and how to punish those who commit crimes against humanity, so a few experts on a panel in Geneva should be allowed to set the code for everyone on the world to follow.

In essence, the ultimate goal of socialists is to create a New World Order that rules over all the world. Individual freedom thus would be gone. People would no longer be held accountable for their own actions, because individual rights would be squashed. Thus, according to the NWO code, all rights are not natural but created by the Constitution or a government contract.

Thus is how they justify the scolding.

The Blaze notes that former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton advised against joining the Human Rights Council, yet Obama didn't listen and joined because, in my humble opinion, Obama wants the U.S. to be subject to the NWO.

Bolton called Obama naive for allowing the U.S. to be subject to such a scolding, yet I don't think Obama is naive at all. I think this was intentional, mainly because I believe Obama, again, wants the U.S. to join the NWO.

The U.S. is not perfect. We have made mistakes. The neat thing about America is that we come together and fix our nation. Regardless, the U.S. the the most fair and most just nation in the history of the planet, and has provided more people with justice and freedom than many nations in the history of the world combined.

Likewise, the U.S. has done more to advance human rights around the world than many nations in the history of the world combined. Whenever there is a disaster, America is the first to respond. Where there is real genocide, America is right there to stop it (because Lord knows the UN won't).

Yes we can always get better, yet we must not subject ourselves from scoldings from other nations, particularly those nations that mistreat it's own citizens like Iran and Cuba.

The truth is, the UN is a joke. I do not think the U.S. should pull out of the UN, yet we must not submit ourselves to scoldings like this. We must not allow the U.S. to belittled. We must not allow credence to such folly.

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