Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating a New World Order: Part IV

Despite what our kids are taught in school, FDR did not end the great depression. Likewise, WWII never ended the Great Depression either.

If FDR ended the depression, then why was unemployment higher when he left office than when he entered? Why did it take 25 years after the 1929 stock market crash for the market to get back to pre-Great Depression levels? Likewise, if WWII ended the depression, why was the nation forced to ration?

Yet this was all by design. The goal of progressives (or liberals) and the New Neal was to collapse the American Economy. Of course they wouldn't tell us this because then they would never get elected again. Yet that's the ultimate goal.

You have to remember here, the ultimate goal of progressives is, through baby steps, create a revolution that would ultimately lead to a New World Order (NWO) where experts will decide what is best for us to create the perfect world.

Wilsons League of Nations failed, and with it ended any attempt at an immediate revolution like the one that occurred in 1776. So now it was baby steps. And when Hoover failed to revilalize the American economy, progressives used this as an opportunity to blaim capitalism -- greed in the 1920s -- for the stock market crash.

So he raised taxes. He raised them to as high as 90% on some people. He created regulations. He created programs. He created more government programs. And then he created more government programs.

Now anyone with a sound economic mind knows this does not make sense in a recession. When the economy is not doing well, economics 101 teaches that you stop spending money. Yet FDR did the opposite. He raised taxes, took more money out of the pockets of the common man. He also took more money from the pockets of those who created the jobs, and this resulted in no new workers getting hired.

So why did he do this? He did it because he wanted the U.S. economy to collapse. When that happened, it would be easy for world progressives to say: "Hey, we have our New World Order waiting to bail you out."

FDR and his progressive clan wanted the U.S. economy to collapse. They wanted to start the NWO. But FDR died, and with him went the plan. But it did not end the movement.

The only problem was there was no NWO in 1945. Yet soon there would be, via the United Nations. Starting with Teddy Roosevelt, and then Woodrow Wilson, then Hoover (to make republicans look like the blame for what ails the world), and then FDR, and then Lyndon Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon (he started Welfare), and Jimmy Carter (he failed) and now Obama.

Yes, now we have Obama. He is doing what FDR did. He is doing everything to end the recession the exact opposite as what is taught in economics 101: he spending more. And even while he sold his plans by telling us unemployment will not exceed 8%, it is now about 10% and holding. The economy did not get better.

Yet this was by design. It was part of the plan. You have to understand progressives. They come up with a solution, then they create a disaster so that the people call on progressives so that they can implement their solution. That's exactly what Obama is doing right now. He's creating an economic situation in America that is nearly unsustainable.

And, when the U.S. economy collapses, the UN will be right there in the waiting to bail the U.S. out. The progressives will have their New World Order. The U.S. will have no choice but to cede power to the UN, and the UN will have the ability to trump the U.S. Constitution.

The goal will be achieved.

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